Rumors: eat dark chocolate is not fat?

weight loss groups, not only fat, more fat in the food – want to thin, and refused to suffer a belly Chan Chan insects. And on the Internet a lot of “weight loss up to people” listed “eat not long meat food table”, the other dare not say that for the dark chocolate, Xiao Bian only one sentence – like fat please continue, do not stop. Chocolate is what kind of food theory, the real chocolate is really should be the MM slogan slogan – “only soluble in the mouth insoluble in the hand.” This is mainly because cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is a fat mainly composed of three fatty acids (oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid), melting at 34-36 ℃, just below the oral temperature, but higher than the body surface (palm) temperature. Cocoa butter is another feature of the melting curve is very steep, the kind of melting in the mouth of the moment feeling very wonderful. above the original map is relatively high paste, the following is a re-painted one, but because there is no data, feel the share of “steep” like … … If anyone above the original HD, welcome to me! Chocolate Production Let’s take a look at how the chocolate is produced, and what kind of product can we call “chocolate” according to the national standard, you can know the amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate. Take off the mature cocoa fruit, remove the cocoa beans, after 3-9 days of full fermentation, cleaning and drying, transported to the rest of the world processing plants. The left side of the cocoa beans before the fermentation, white, no fragrance, there are white outside the gum. The right side of the fermented cocoa beans, has become dark brown, and began to distribute our familiar chocolate fragrance. In the processing plant, cocoa beans after sorting, baking, crushed at the same time be removed from the skin. Subsequently, the broken cocoa beans were placed in a huge mill, and the temperature of the grinding was such that the oil-rich cocoa beans became a paste, which we called cocoa pulp, and the cocoa pulp was frozen.
The cocoa block contains about 52% cocoa butter, and after the press is added, the cocoa butter is separated and the remaining residue is cocoa powder, usually 10-20% cocoa butter. The cocoa block, cocoa butter, sugar, spices, dairy products in accordance with a certain percentage of mixed, into the machine refining. Different refining procedures are different, but also caused the chocolate flavor and quality differences. Refined good chocolate is placed in the thermostat, after tempering, you can shape the packaging.
Chocolate basic ingredients and indicators in accordance with the composition, chocolate can be divided into three categories: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. China’s chocolate standard is this: (g / 100g) total cocoa solid is chocolate in the “cocoa block + cocoa butter + cocoa powder” the total. The non-fat cocoa solid is the total cocoa solid minus the cocoa butter content. Simply put, dark chocolate does not contain milk ingredients, white chocolate does not contain cocoa blocks or cocoa powder, milk chocolate has. However, no matter what kind of chocolate, contain cocoa butter, the amount is also a lot. And, where the non-cocoa butter plant fat can not be added more than 5%, otherwise it can only be called cocoa butter chocolate, not chocolate. So why do you lose weight babies? Regardless of the black white, red orange yellow green blue and purple purple which color, as long as it is called chocolate, that is your weight loss on the road stumbling block ~

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