Rumors: drink Pu’er tea even cancer? The truth is here

Suddenly was “how to see ‘Pu’er tea cancer’ ‘and the article brush the screen, in fact, this problem appears for several years. “Pu’er tea carcinogenic” argument because Pu’er tea has aflatoxin, and Pu’er tea industry has been trying to prove that “Pu’er tea will not have aflatoxin.” What about it? Science is really important! Pu’er tea production process will not produce aflatoxin? Fact: Aflatoxin production requires “Aspergillus flavus” and “suitable conditions” of these two elements, Pu’er tea production process in these two points is not conducive to the production of aflatoxin. In other words, Pu’er tea industry “to prove” Pu’er tea production process does not produce aflatoxin, does not mean that fraud. Ke Xin Food and Nutrition Information Center, deputy director of Zhong Kai also said that the real quality of Pu’er tea is almost impossible to produce aflatoxin contamination. Was there Pu’er tea was detected with aflatoxin how was it? Fact: 2010 Guangzhou City CDC issued a market in Guangzhou, 70 cases of wet storage Pu’er test results, not only detected, there are 8 samples more than 5ppb (1ppb for one billionth of a microgram / kg) The But please note that the “wet warehouse Pu’er test results.” The so-called “wet warehouse”, in fact, deliberately put the tea in a warm and humid warehouse to make it more quickly “after fermentation.” In this environment, there is the possibility of tea contamination by aflatoxin. Chen tea warehousing experts, tea culture expert Wu Dingming pointed out that 70 Pu’er tea in the detection of aflatoxin is not produced by tea itself, but because of poor storage conditions, resulting in tea storage environment in the aflatoxin contamination. Dry warehouse to become the mainstream, wet warehouse has long been a shouting product in the industry, all the Pu’er tea are known as “cancer” hat, is extremely irresponsible practice. long-term consumption of Pu’er tea is not going to increase the risk of cancer? Fact: From the “detection of aflatoxin” deduced the “drink Pu’er tea carcinogenic”, is a typical out of the dose of toxic hooliganism. The concentration of aflatoxin in food is very low and can not be acute. It is the most important harm, long-term intake will increase the risk of liver cancer. Among the various types of aflatoxin, the carcinogenicity of B1 is the strongest. According to the results of the epidemiological survey, scientists summed up the relationship between the intake of aflatoxin B1 and the risk of liver cancer: 1 kg per kilogram of fecal toxin B1 per day, every 10 million non-hepatitis B patients generally increased every year One case of liver cancer; and for hepatitis B patients, it is every million people in each year increased by three cases. Currently monitoring of tea aflatoxin, the content of most of the 5ppb below, only a few more than this amount. We calculated by 10ppb, most people drink tea every day is a few grams, we count 10 grams, then it contains the total amount of aflatoxin 0.1 micrograms. Moreover, the oxytetracycline in the grain and oil is directly eaten into the body, aflatoxin insoluble in water, is not easy to dissolve into the tea, in fact, drink the amount of the body is also lower than the amount of tea. Even if it is assumed to be soaked into the tea, 0.1 μg of the amount is only equivalent to 1% of the total amount of the above intake from the food. In other words, if you worry about drinking tea will cause cancer, then the risk of cancer caused by eating it 100 times higher than it! Pu’er tea in the end there is no aflatoxin? Fact: the probability is very low, low to almost impossible. The growth conditions of aflatoxin is the base of Aspergillus flavus must contain protein, sugar, fat-based substances, although Pu’er tea and a small amount of protein, starch and lipid substances, but the content is too small. Also, during the fermentation process, the poor protein in Pu’er tea is hydrolyzed into amino acids by water, and the amount of starch is converted to carbohydrates. Less lipids are converted into anaerobic fermentation due to the role of multiple enzymes Alcohol substances, has become a kind of aromatic substances. Due to the lack of conversion of aflatoxin material conditions, so Pu’er tea is almost impossible to appear aflatoxin. Why does the tea have no national aflatoxin limited standard? Fact: National standards do not develop the amount of aflatoxin in tea, not “lack of legislation”, but through risk assessment, taking into account the tea “possible aflatoxin content” and “consumer daily tea consumption” , That the tea in the aflatoxin will not endanger public health, so “there is no need to develop standards.” In fact, aflatoxin is almost unavoidable in agricultural products. Any country in the world, it is impossible to “do not contain aflatoxin” as the safety standards for grain and oil. The current Chinese standard is: peanuts and corn and their products, limited to 20ppb; rice and its products, limited to 10ppb; wheat, soybeans, nuts and their products, limited standard is 5ppb. This standard is not low in the international arena. In summary, “drink Pu’er tea cancer” is really nonsense.

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