Rhesus monkey self-made into “net red”: photo copyright belongs to the court under the conclusion

According to foreign media reports, a black crown monkey named Naruto in 2011 in the Indonesian forest with the British photographer David Slater (David & Slater) camera self-timer , So that it instantly become “net red”. And recently, the resulting animal copyright ownership has finally been conclusive. According to reports, according to the photographer automatically obtain the copyright of the provisions of the photo, headquartered in the United States of Good Animal Organization (PETA) that rhesus monkeys should also have the copyright of the photo, and on behalf of the ” Naruto courtship.

However, after two years of litigation, the judge that the copyright protection law does not apply to animals, sent Slater wins.


Slate agrees to donate 25% of the copyright earned on photographs to a registered charity dedicated to protecting Naruto habitats and benefits. “This groundbreaking case triggered a large-scale international discussion to see if there was a need to extend the basic rights and interests of the animal,” said Jeff Kerr, a PETA organization attorney. Rather than just about how they are exploited by humans. “

Slater says he’s paid enough to get his photo rights. He claims to be an environmentalist, saying that his photographs have helped many Indonesian animals.

The case is treatable animal organizations in the name of Naruto intrinsic, but in fact the identity of the black crown monkey is not clear. PETA organization said Naruto is a female monkey, but Slater said it was male.

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Black-crowned macaques are not the only animal avatar photographer. Britain and Thailand have ever had elephants with long nose to pick up the phone or camera self-timer scenes. Some people say that the elephant must be able to shoot a more wide-angle self-timer, but we must worry that it will accidentally fall off the camera or mobile phone.

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