People ‘s Daily Newspaper on the physics of the case of cold: get rid of utilitarian return to the beginning

Text has nothing to enter the middle of September, although the school season came to an end, but the topic around the education is endless. Recently, there are media reports, in the implementation of the new college entrance examination reform in Shanghai, select the physical subjects only 30% of the total number of candidates; Zhejiang nearly 30 million candidates, the selection of physical only 80,000 people. Physics subjects were candidates “despise”, and has been popular “learn a lot of physics and chemistry, traveled all over the world are not afraid,” the slogan in sharp contrast. There are many reasons behind the physical discipline “cold”. For students, “physical too difficult” makes a substantial increase in the amount of work, not necessarily get high marks, can be described as “cost is too low.” In the eyes of many parents, high school physics Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetics and other knowledge is too deep, do not engage in scientific research of children to master the common sense of daily life is more than enough. For schools, physical disciplines are very dependent on teaching resources, so some of the lack of quality education resources tend to let students give up the school. In some places the new college entrance examination model, the free examination of the three subjects is not in accordance with the actual test scores, but to take the rankings of the province rankings, even the better students, but also worried that can not get better Rank and choose to give up. Not long ago, the Ministry of Education advanced the science curriculum to the first grade of primary school, cultivating the children’s scientific literacy and innovation ability to become an important goal; and to the high school stage, as the natural science of the basic disciplines and the subject of physical physics was cold, which makes a lot Physics people “heart”. Education experts believe that the lack of physical education will bring many consequences for the country, the physical talent will lead to failure of industrial development succession; and in the individual level, there is no basis for physical knowledge, into the university stage further study will encounter resistance The The physical knowledge of high school stage learning, in later learning and even work, the direct role may not be obvious, but the physical discipline to cultivate the rational thinking and logical ability, as well as the universe, the natural interest and cognition, all the disciplines are meaningful. Today, the cross-development of various fields in each industry requires that our knowledge system be more diverse and sound. It is very important to think that it is necessary to take the initiative in the process of accelerating the iteration and avoid being eliminated. In the face of college entrance examination, individual choice of space may be squeezed by the pressure of school, is not conducive to the score of physics in a second utilitarian consideration is excluded, but both parents and students are clear a truth: life is a marathon, admitted University is not the end, the future of the trek also need to have deep accumulation in the basic disciplines, in order to profound knowledge. In fact, many areas in the exploration of the new college entrance examination reform, has been aware of the possible physical disciplines “cold” and other issues, some targeted measures continue to introduce, such as the physical as a compulsory course, such as some universities in some Professional enrollment in the clear physical is a must. This shows that education reform not only requires a good top-level design, but also need to continue to explore and improve in practice, and in the moment, what kind of education, is still a question worth asking questions. Through the 3 + X way to provide students with free choice of space, but how to ensure that the basic physical discipline is not “cold”, which requires respect for individual development and to achieve the balance between the overall interests of the balance. The original intention of education is to educate people. Objectively speaking, the current college entrance examination or baton, students and parents inevitably pursue high scores, but involving the future long-term development, it should be from the short-term interests of the liberation of the liberation, the pursuit of more complete, more long-term, richer goals. In other words, the elimination of utilitarianism, return to the beginning of education, but also need more efforts and exploration. (The original title of “look at the physical” cold “educational proposition”)

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