“Pan Pan” prototype legend giant panda Bass died at the age of 37 years old

<Ada: '1', pid: '2', video_id: 251640937, // vidpic: '', [vdp] // video program thumbUrl: '', // html5 player on the video has not yet started to show the picture can be the same as the pic title: '"Panpan" prototype legend giant panda Bass died', // title source: '', // video release source. Such as: Xinhua Network. url: 'http://video.sina.com.cn/view/251640937.html'}]}; $ widgetadd ({id: 'pl_video_2', loadTime: 'DOMContentLoaded', // initialize: true, require: 'plsplayList.init (node, widget)}}; <plsplayList.init () Yesterday, the legendary giant panda Boss died in Fuzhou, at the age of 37, the equivalent of more than 100 years old man.. ?? .. The Do you remember it? It is the panda “Panpan” prototype, it had the Spring Festival Evening, visited the United States, the locals line up for 5 hours only to see it for 3 minutes. September 13, 2017, the life of the giant panda Bass came to an end … turn! Thank you for the joy! (CCTV reporter Wei Ming)

原标题:“盼盼”原型传奇大熊猫巴斯去世 享年37岁
原标题:“盼盼”原型传奇大熊猫巴斯去世 享年37岁

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