On the 1st day to complete with the Temple of space laboratory independent docking test

According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 12th power, at 23:58 on September 12, tianzhou 1 cargo spacecraft successfully completed the independent quick rendezvous and docking with the Tiangong space laboratory II.

This is one of the series of extended pilot projects organized and implemented after the successful completion of the manned space flight laboratory in China. The aim is to verify the fast rendezvous and docking capability of the cargo spacecraft and to further develop the comprehensive benefit of the task. China’s space station project development and construction to lay a more solid technical foundation.

On the 1st boat is China’s first cargo spacecraft, April 20 from Hainan Wenchang fired. Temple II is China’s first true sense of the space laboratory, last autumn night launch.

Before the start of the trial, the ground technician on the day on the 1st has implemented four orbital control, to ensure that the day on the 1st and the Temple of the rapid intersection test on the initial orbital conditions, completed the relevant test preparation.

At 17:24 on the 12th, the ground issued a directive, control the day on the 1st into the fast fast rendezvous and docking mode, sub-distance autonomous guidance and close control of the two stages of self-control. In the long-distance autonomous guidance section, the day boat on the 1st guide to the long-distance guidance end point; in close proximity control section, day boat one in the Temple II with the use of rendezvous and docking related navigation equipment, Temple Fair 2. After the day on the 1st and the Temple of the docking agency contact, complete the docking test, the whole process lasted about 6.5 hours.

follow-up, the day on the 1st will also carry out the third time, but also from the last advance of the propellant in the rail supplement test.

(the original title “day boat on the 1st to complete the independent fast rendezvous and docking test”)

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