Ministry of Environmental Protection: autumn and winter this year, the weather situation is not optimistic about heavy pollution in advance of the weather

Ministry of Environmental Protection on the evening of September 3 to the media, the preliminary analysis by the relevant experts, this autumn and winter weather situation is not optimistic, heavily polluted weather process relatively early.

Due to the expansion of the Arctic sea ice, the change in the Pacific Ocean temperature and other factors, the Siberian cold high pressure may be weaker than the perennial, the frequency of cold air south may be less than the perennial, the Pacific subtropical high is more perennial, may cause autumn and winter The temperature is high, humidity. Beijing August 31 since the pollution formation process and in 2015, 2016 in mid-September the pollution process is similar, indicating that compared with previous years, this year the relatively heavy pollution process in advance of the weather.

Ministry of Environmental Protection said that heavy pollution in winter weather has become the most concerned about the whole society, but also the most urgent hope to solve the environmental problems, has become the current society and the public “heart and lung”. We should treat heavily polluted weather as the top priority of the current work, and resolutely fight the comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter.

To effectively improve the air quality, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has taken a series of measures such as “stubble” to strengthen supervision and rectification, “scattered pollution” enterprises. Data show that since March this year, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area of ​​ambient air quality continued to improve, made the best results since 2013, Beijing March-August PM2.5 average concentration of only 49 micrograms / cubic meter , Compared to 2016 over the same period decreased by about 25%, the average monthly concentration of the lowest since 2013. However, the monitoring data show that in recent years, although the overall air quality in Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding area continued to improve the trend, but the effect of autumn and winter air quality improvement is not significant, especially in the 2016-2017 heating season PM2. 5 average concentration year on year rebounded slightly, severe and above the number of days to reduce the pollution is not obvious.

To this end, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, together with the relevant departments, provincial and municipal people’s governments, on the basis of existing policy measures, the study introduced the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas 2017 – 2018 autumn and winter air pollution comprehensive management tackling Action program “and other” 1 +6 “matching program. Attention to the action to adhere to the problem-oriented, focusing on “scattered pollution” enterprises and cluster comprehensive renovation and elevated source stability and discharge standards, increase coal reduction, to mention the standard transformation, peak production measures. In particular, the heavy pollution of the weather as a major breakthrough in the establishment of air quality improvement around the target at the same time, clear the proportion of heavy pollution days decline, urging the local government to deal with heavily polluted weather.

To properly deal with heavy pollution of the weather, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will proceed from four aspects, multi-pronged approach.

Unified the different levels of early warning of pollutant emission reduction, the implementation of emission reduction measures to the list, so that a plant a policy to ensure that emergency measures to achieve practical results.

The second is to improve the forecasting ability, greatly enhance the forecasting platform computing power, forecast forecasting capacity from 7 days to 10 days, to provide sufficient time to take effective measures.

Third, strengthen supervision and supervision efforts, once the heavy pollution of the weather, strengthen the inspection team will be in accordance with the list of emergency reductions to carry out special inspections to ensure that emission reduction measures in place.

Fourth, to carry out regional emergency linkage, once the forecast of regional heavy pollution of the weather, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be based on regional consultation results, the first time to the city to promote warning information, the city in accordance with the warning Information on the timely start of the relevant level of early warning measures to reduce the overall regional pollution discharge levels, slow down the accumulation of pollutants to reduce the impact of heavy pollution weather. In addition, the central comprehensive reform of the leading group at the thirty-fifth meeting has considered the adoption of “cross-regional environmental protection agency pilot program”, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be in accordance with the central approval requirements, do a good job on the pilot work, as soon as possible to run the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei atmospheric environmental management Institutions, to help heavy winter heavy pollution weather response work.

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