Love pills: if you can control the love of drugs you will use it?

Drugs can ignite love and can also make love go out. But if the neuroscientist figured out this magical formula, should we use it? According to foreign media reports, drugs can ignite love, can also make love go out. But if the neuroscientist figured out this magical formula, should we use it? “I have not even got married, and now I have been very depressed,” said Brian Earp, a neuroscientist at Oxford University. Over the years, Utap and his colleagues are exploring love and the role of love on the human brain: how to bud, how to grow, how to wither, and how to become sitting on the sofa drink the curse of the object. He published a number of articles about the circumstances in which we should be and how to control love through drugs; and, in addition, he and Julian of Oxford Uehiro Center for Practical Ethics Julian Savulescu co-authored a book on the subject, which is expected to come out this year. But now let’s talk about marriage, and what our brain has done for this unique invention of mankind. In fact, not much is done. Our brains are not much different from ancient humans, although they are thinking of having as many descendants as possible, while avoiding future generations being killed by wild predators, and we are confronted with dazzling poetry and comedy The “I am depressed myself,” he said, “people always take their first marriage joke – they are looking forward to the marriage, is not the kind of thing will continue life.” And if so “It is clear that the reality is not the case.” “Perhaps the meaning of marriage is only to try to do some transactions, and in a rational way to make decisions that constrain future choices.However, Doing so will definitely lose some romantic ingredients, “added Upp. In fact, that frustration is only the ridicule of Urup, he is not a pessimist. However, he is not the only think that like “love first” (Love, Actually) this movie is actually not synchronized with the real love of people. Love often does not reach the concept we expect. If this is not the case, we should have been married with childhood childhood companions, and every day Valentine’s Day. The statistics of the UK National Statistics Department tell us the real side. In England and Wales, 42% of the marriages ended in divorce, half of which occurred in the first decade. However, through some strange combination of culture and chemistry, most people who enter the marriage hall believe that their love is special. But if there is a drug that can end a divorce and keep the vitality of marriage? We can use drugs to treat depression, anxiety and other emotional-based responses. If love is not satisfactory, why not use the power of chemistry? More and more couples made a choice. Oxytocin is often considered a “love hormone”, in some circles have also been touted for the treatment of all love the problem of God medicine. This is a natural human “adhesive” that secures when we fall in love, embrace friends or embrace newborns. Oxytocin nasal spray can now be purchased online, the price is not a bottle of date on the red wine expensive (but you can buy oxytocin depends on the seller’s degree of care). Erp does not agree with this. “A lot of initial observations do not seem to be able to repeat very well,” he explains. “Many say that it improves trust and eye contact and enhances the implied attention to the relationship, which is done in a one-off experiment , There is no indication that it can be applied outside the laboratory. “Thus, Erp has shifted attention to methylene methoxymethamphetamine (MDMA), a drug that is often sold illegally as an ecstasy drug. “In the 1980s, a group of emotional advisors would use it on emotional issues, and their findings are now being published, and these results show that some couples have found that MDMA has made them in medical conditions with the help of a physician It is not appropriate for them to think that the relationship is getting healthier, or that the potential to find a relationship is not right for them, “says Ur.” I think MDMA is likely to have a stronger impact on many couples. “” James “(James, network alias) 40 years old, taking the history of ecstasy has been more than 20 years. He picked out two feelings in the youth, whether good or bad, MDMA in which to play a “chemical Cupid” role. “It was wonderful at the beginning,” he said, referring to his second love (for six years) and saying, “Bubble to someone, feel love, and reach the peak on ecstasy. This is something that can not be described “When I did not get it, it was great to be with her, and love was there; albeit in another way.” “There will be a sense of fragility that will make you feel really You are distracted, and it’s like something in your life that is wrong, you feel the whole world is collapsed, and then you get a hug from the person you love.If you have had this experience, The kind of you will feel very comfortable, very deep and comfort in that moment, you only know that everything will be fine.I think you love people taking ecstasy and this is very similar. “” Colleen “(Colleen (LSD), mushrooms and dimethyltryptamine (DMT)] are similar to those of James. The description of a drug class, including D-valine acid diethylamide (LSD), mushrooms and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). “I can not say that the feeling of my partner in the psychedelic experience will take the initiative to change, but the psyche does have a special sense of vulnerability, this feeling is not often appear in daily life,” she said, Because of this fragrance, and twoPeople come from mutual understanding of the common psychedelic experience, so compared to talking with another person, this approach is easier to establish relationships in the mood. In the wake of the time, I still feel the tenderness and ties with the partner, but so to speak, psychedelic experience can help speed up the process of establishing the link. “When love is already there, the” accelerated “process may show a negative effect, and it is doubtful that a relationship is not only dependent on the drug to continue. James shares the second paragraph of the emotional experience began when he was 17 years old, let us “I was met in the bar,” he said, “she is very good and very attractive, but I do not really like it.” she was. Then ecstasy involved, and all logical changes. Was still in school, I will only see her on Saturday night, and always fascinated state. Of course, love germination, I am a bit with it to the meaning of: Saturday night with her love warm, Monday afternoon feeling like a hug in the park. This relationship lasted for two years. “” This feeling is good, but not true. Sadly, it was real for her, and when we moved into an apartment together, the relationship lasted only a few months. I really did not mean to hurt her. If not the role of drugs, I will not love her … she is a very good person: both attractive and smart. However, the truth is MDMA created this false love feeling. “Here is a matter of commonplace: love at what node will become no longer” real “and if we can use drugs to deceive themselves into love, that the same way is not used to allow two people from In other words, is it possible to develop a “anti-love” drug that removes some of the chemical substances in your brain and then wipes away the feelings of a person for ten years? In fact, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are the most antidepressants in the UK, but there are still many unsolved problems due to the mechanism of human brain work , We found that different SSRIs had different side effects on different people. The reported side effects included the slowness of the empathy of others, and the “disgusting disorder” – the ability to achieve orgasm dysfunction. Potential drug abuse Can not be ignored in some societies, if you can use the pills to remove the feeling of love, why Even waste effort to isolate or imprisonment “mismatched” or gay couples do? “This is a very serious issue. Although I’m not sure what is the difference between any other new technology that is misused in different situations, “he said,” but should we ban all antidepressants? Should we remove all SSRIs from the market, because some people in some countries are using them to suppress homosexual sex? I think we need to continue our efforts to promote the establishment of social norms. “But after I published the essay on ‘love addiction’, many people sent me an e-mail saying, ‘it helped me to understand a lot of things; I found myself going to be attracted by those bad men and caught Deep, give yourself completely to them, and if there is a certain tablet to make these desperate feelings to cool down, I will eat it tomorrow ‘. “We should use drugs to control our love, whether we are doing it or not, and as we become more aware of the neuroscience mechanisms behind love, we will make further improvements – whether our goal is Deliberately developing some kind of love (or anti-love) pharmacy, or inadvertently found that other new drugs have some kind of human side effects.However, in this process, we are braving the huge risk, that is, the initial loss of love Such a great element: an unpredictable unpredictability. “We can answer what happened when the brain was in love,” said Urup, “some people will find these answers helpful and may feel that love has a new can be explored The dimension. They may feel that it is more magical to think of love as a link to our connection with ancient ancestors than to the illusion of sources and mechanisms. Perhaps on the basis of the history of the species, will give it some kind of unprecedented importance. “(Any day)

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