Looking for alien life? Scientists intend to launch radio signals in outer space

Everyone wants to explore the mysterious world of outer space. UFO, wheat crop circles and other mysterious things are fascinated by humans, even if the scientists are no exception. Search for the Institute of Foreign Civilization (SETI) is an international network of organizations dedicated to finding signs of alien life. Scientists attached to the organization sit in the lab and use large radio telescope devices to analyze the radio frequencies of outer space. Unfortunately, there has been no signal to receive outer space. According to the Russian satellite network reported on September 15, scientists plan to send signals to outer space again to explore whether the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, some people worry that this move may lead to the end of the Earth’s life.

Since there has been no progress in the exploration of outer space life, the SETI organization split out a small faction, they think the earth should take the initiative to send signals to aliens. They believe that a powerful radio telescope can be used to send radio signals to aliens, which can attract aliens to the Earth’s attention.


The self-proclaimed “alien-high intelligence creatures” organization (METI) faction announced that they intend to send signals to aliens in 2018. Douglas Vakoch, chairman of SETI, says we want to learn and share information if we want to communicate between different planets. He also said that we are not going to Unicom everything, we just want to be very clear about some things. For this send signal, we must emphasize the importance of mathematics and physics.

However, many scientists believe that sending signals to outer space is an extremely dangerous thing. According to CNET, if the aliens are friendly, this is no problem. If they are hostile, it means that we send a signal of “attacking us” to aliens. (Internship compilation: Cui Jingjing review: Tian Rui Zhe)

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