“Lancet” subversion of the world meal concept? The conclusion of the paper is contrary to the guide

Science controversy A “lancet” cut into the food and nutrition sector. Recently, Sohu health, intellectuals and other media carried out the “Lancet PURE study of the impact of dietary guidelines” and other reports, the “Lancet” published papers and conclusions have been contrary to the contents of the dietary guidelines, the impact of the general that health Of the diet, that the conclusions of the paper in the following points: First, eat more fat, low mortality; Second, more carbohydrates, increase the risk of death; Third, saturated fat and even reduce the risk of stroke. So, after the periodical reviewers, multi-round review of the rigorous review process, published in the high impact factor journals is not as media reports as flawed it? To this end, the Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee members Xu Shiwei, Capital Medical University Institute of cardiovascular disease director Hu Dayi, China Agricultural University Associate Professor Fan Zhihong 3 experts. “The paper” is not the same as the guideline, and the conclusion is based on the conclusion of the selected “sample” study, which we should respect, “said Xu Shiwei.” When we see a study that is not the same as our own knowledge, Attitude is unscientific. “Before discussing specific issues, Xu Shiwei said that the academic papers can be published, based on a large number of scientific research, as long as the data does not involve fraud, is a serious academic conclusion. It is understood that the paper based on the “prospective urban and rural epidemiology” (PURE) cohort study, data samples from 18 countries, 135,000 respondents, tracking 7.4 years. The 18 countries are focused on the Middle East, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia (including China), 81% are primary and secondary cultures, and 82% are middle and heavy physical workers. “There are few areas in the world’s most affluent areas,” said Xu Shiv-wei. “I have just returned from Africa recently, and in some areas of the Sudan, Uganda and other countries, it is healthy for people without food to increase the intake of animal food. They lack the food situation is much more serious than we see on television. “Measured by scientific standards, daily intake of calories less than 2000 kcal, are not food and clothing state. At present, China’s per capita intake of heat 2200-2300 between the card is normal. Xu Shiwei recalled: “In the seventies and eighties of last century, China’s per capita intake of heat in the 1800 kcal or so, at that time to eat meat, of course, should be as much as possible, the better the body, because the lack of material.” Xu Weiye said, ,Rich content. Specifically to guide the rules of the meal can not be based on one or several experimental conclusions of the planning and design, should be rich in the diet, looking for the most suitable for their own, is the best. The “Dietary Guidelines for American Residents in 2015” have, to a certain extent, validated the view of Xu Sai-wei, and in the preface of the Chinese translation team, the “Guide” is based on 14 experts, the most scientific achievements of more than two years Summary and evidence-based research. Advisory Committee Scientific Report 580 pages, to the US federal government to seek the views and opinions of the parties before they will be announced. Do not be misled by the “title party”, “according to the side of the drug” to consider the national conditions “Do not be misinterpreted by the media ‘scientific research’ misleading.” Hu Dayi expressed anger, purely “title party.” Because these articles are one-sided, the second is absolute. Fan Zhihong also believes that “eat more staple food die fast” pure title party, should be “high-quality carbohydrate staple food detrimental to health.” Hu Dayi pointed out that the online article did not analyze the obvious limitations of the study itself, do not actually exaggerate the results of the study, the majority of the people and patients played a very bad misleading, and even deceive! Seriously affected the Health Commission issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society drafted the implementation of the new version of China Nutrition Guide. Hu Da-yi stressed: “China’s dietary structure of the pagoda is in line with national conditions. ‘According to the law of taking medicine’ should also consider the situation! The conclusions used before the use of scientific research.” He pushed the reporter to read the data one by one Another article “Lancet study, playing really is not a nutritional face.” At this stage of China’s national conditions is that nearly four adults daily intake of less than 250 grams of staple food, did not meet the “Chinese residents dietary guidelines” recommended. Data show that nearly 20 years, the overall consumption of Chinese residents staple food significantly decreased in 2002, cereal intake than in 1982 and 1992, respectively, down 21% and 10%, and this downward trend continues. Especially office workers, there are different degrees of staple food intake problem. “The reason for this situation is that people have a certain degree of misunderstanding of the staple food, that it is high heat, eat more will be fat, unhealthy.” Fan Zhihong said, some overkill.

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