Kenya found white giraffe fantastic beauty as if from Wonderland

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123> Weibo.encoding = ‘gbk’; var wbList01 = new Weibo.Widgets.List ({source: ‘# weiboList01’, showUserCard: true,stat_click: true}); Weibo._getRequest ({url: ‘’,data: {ids:’ 4152199648813224 ‘} , onsuccess: function (data) {if (! data.html) {return} SINA.query (‘# blk_weiboBox_01’) [0] .style.display = ‘block’; wbList01.reset (data);}}); According to foreign media reports, recently in Africa, Kenya, locals and animal protector photographed the precious “white change” giraffe picture. It is reported that, as a kind of reticulated giraffe, “white change” giraffe is not got “albino disease”, their body is containing melanin, which also explains their body, including the eyes, including black. According to reports, the two giraffes, mothers and children were first discovered by the locals in June of this year. According to the video, the two giraffes are not far from the photographer, but they look very calm and not disturbed. The area is governed by a non-governmental organization that protects the brink of extinction. The organization mainly protects the endangered Heinz antelope. It is reported that witnesses have been in January and March 2016 in Tanzania to see two white giraffes. At present, the global reticulate giraffe a total of 8500, mainly in Somalia, southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya.

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