“Invisible science”: stealth surgery is hundreds of years of longing for the black technology

many people want to be able to stealth, which may be achieved? Hundreds of years ago, “stealth surgery”, if these stealth programs do not work, you can rest assured that the current scientists are using metamaterials to develop a “invisible cloak.” According to foreign media reports, even if you are not a hardcore Harry Potter fans, but you watch the “Harry Potter” movie, the game will be invisible cloak was surprised , And hope that one day invisible cloak will become a reality! You are not the only person fascinated by the stealth technique, since ancient times, for hundreds of years, or even thousands of years ago, the ancient people are quite interested in stealth surgery. At present, the United States Bo News website “part-time genius” column of the latest topic “What is Invisible Science”, the host Will Pearson (Will Pearson) and Mango Hattikutur (Mango Hattikudur) to explore the invisible light The scientific principle, the human obsession with stealth technology, and the so-called “invisible cloak” distance to achieve how far? First of all, Pearson suggested that people should pay attention to Bob Berman’s expertise, and Berman was the author of the “From the Infrared to the X-ray, Invisible Light”, because it proved that the light had mastered This stealth technique. In fact, a large part of the electromagnetic spectrum is completely invisible, such as: ultraviolet, infrared, radio waves and so on. Harty Kutour direct reference to the author’s point of view, the general popular view of the invisible light into the line of sight. “The universe has more light than any other area, so if you count all the photons in the universe together, it will account for 99.9999% of all things in the universe, and the form of the invisible light that you enumerate,” says Berman. On the composition of the vast majority of light. “Pearson stressed that our eyes can only identify the sun’s most abundant energy, so we can only see the sun released the strongest color. The color and brightness of light do not exist outside the experience of the observer, we only see the light as a color because the light stimulates the cone cells of our eyes, and the brain interprets these optical signals, so that we The observed light has a certain color. People always want to know what way to make themselves in stealth, Harti Kudour cited the 15th century “invisible cooking book”, which has some “helpful” tips: If you want to stealth, a dead dog buried , And then planted on top of a bean plant, will bear a bean on your mouth, then no doubt you have been in a stealth state. Or dead dogs do not have enough nutrients to supply the growth of the plant, you can crush the owl’s eyes, mix with a group of beetles and olive oil, and paint it all over the body. More than a few hundred years ago, “stealth surgery”, if these stealth programs do not work, you can rest assured that scientists are using ultra-material development of a “invisible cloak”, the design is metamaterial around the object to form a shield , The light is bent around the metamaterial, and recombines on the other side, just as the water flows in the stream. In this invisible cloak before listing, we all can see a very basic stealth effect. At present, a study shows that children playing games that they are in a “stealth”, which is why? This means that the children feel that their true self is hidden from the line of sight, and they are in the game world. Harty Kutour pointed out that such a discovery has a certain meaning, but when you consider the eyes are the window of the soul, in some respects, cover your eyes, you like to pull yourself from the world, So that you are in a “stealth state”. Most people choose stealth or flying ability is their most desired super ability, on the stealth and flight capacity choice of some speculation, Pearson quoted the Florida International University researcher William Berry (William Berry) as saying: “those who choose stealth crowd Are embracing their dark side, when you consider the stealth ability to make a person indulge in human basic instincts, such as: secretly monitor other people’s theft behavior.In contrast, the choice of flight capacity of the crowd is full of challenges and stimuli , For example: to quickly fly into the burning of buildings to rescue trapped people, or fly to Italy to enjoy a delicious dinner, to experience their way of life.

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