Hurricane “group” raging unusual? Sounded the climate change alarm

continued the recent global storm, the Northwest Pacific typhoon menacing double, on Atlantic hurricanes is one after another, “group” rampant, forcing the United States staged more than 7 million people to flee the scene of an emergency evacuation, suffered heavy losses.

In the context of global warming, the increase in the number of natural disasters, extreme weather, such as “Harvey” and “Elma” such a strong hurricane will not become a new normal? If frequent hurricanes occur and can not get off with climate change, then, in the hurricane sounded the climate change alarm at the same time, the world should reflect on countermeasures.

[Frequent! Strong Hurricane debut, “group” raging]

Local time on September 10, 2017, Cuba Havana, hurricane “Elma” in Cuba Havana set off waves. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Invasion of the United States, which is rare in American history. Four hurricane “Harvey” landing and swept the United States and Mexico coast for up to a week, and the raging in the Americas “Elma” was once soared to the highest level of five hurricanes.


sweeping the Caribbean island and the United States Florida strong hurricane “Elma”, can be described as powerful, and even set a number of records. Its maximum wind speed to become the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean overseas open the most of the Atlantic waters, it is still the satellite era to maintain the longest hurricane hurricane 5, Cuba is also a hundred years to encounter the first five hurricanes.

In this “century hurricane” raging occasion, the Atlantic over the other two hurricanes “Jose” and “Katia” to be outdone, and “Elma” together in the Atlantic angry. Moreover, “Jose” in the upgrade to four hurricanes, even marching “Elma” footprints blown to those areas have just suffered heavy losses.

A researcher at the National Hurricane Research Center in the United States in the three hurricanes to form a “group” trend, once wrote on Twitter, “at the same time there are three hurricanes threaten landing … … this is unprecedented . “

[Impact: Escape scale history No previous casualty loss geometry? On September 10, the hurricane “Elmar” arrived in the Florida coastal area of ​​the United States.

Texas and other places in the United States and the Caribbean killed at least 52 people, nearly 50 million people affected.

Since then, the United States and the Caribbean, With the “Alma” landing after the north, Florida disaster more serious. Florida, about 5.8 million families and shops power, part of the city floods. Hurricane also caused more than 7 million people to flee for emergency evacuation, which is the United States In the history of the largest evacuation of the action.

With the hurricane struck, Florida also appeared in a tornado. Florida several major airports also due to hurricane struck off, thousands of flights canceled. The National Hurricane Center warns that even if the “Elma” is still dangerous to leave, in addition to the wind blowing down trees, cables, and may be due to sea water intrusion, provoke up to about 4.6 meters of storm

followed strong hurricane, it also brings huge economic losses to the affected area. US weather forecast website AccuWeather said in a report, overall Hurricane “Harvey” and “Alma” caused Fear of up to 290 billion US dollars, equivalent to 1.5% of US gross domestic product (GDP).

It is expected that by the end of August hit Texas and Louisiana “Harvey” is expected to cause losses up to 190 billion The dollar is the most costly disaster in the history of the United States, and the loss caused by “Alma” will reach $ 100 billion.

[Question: The number of natural disasters increased by 3 times the hurricane into the new normal ?]

Naples, Florida, a house directly after the hurricane “bubble in” the water.

“scientists know very well, extreme weather as they predict, will become the world’s warming New normal … “- United Nations Secretary-General Guterres

United Nations Secretary General Guterres said recently that the global climate has deteriorated sharply in recent years since 1970 The number of natural disasters has increased by about three times over the past two months, with the floods in South Asia, the African torrents and the hurricanes of the United States, and so far this year thousands have died from natural disasters.

It seems that the extreme climate, as predicted by scientists, will become the new norm of this warming world, then, in the context of global warming, the powerful strong hurricanes will become the new normal?

world WMO said in a statement that global warming could lead to more frequent hurricanes, like”Harvey” so destructive four hurricanes this century will be more and more.

German Potsdam Institute of Climate consequences scholar Leverman also believes that the intensity of extreme weather will increase. Earth warming makes more energy and humidity into the atmosphere. The increase in humidity can be released by heavy rains, such as the rainy season that caused severe floods in South Asia this year. The energy of the hurricane comes from the surface of the water body. “When the atmosphere gets warmer, the ocean gets warmer, the hurricane gets the devastating power from it.”


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The United States in a short time connected to encounter hurricane “Harvey” and “Elma”.

“I can assure you that there is sufficient evidence in the academic world that the hurricane winds are getting stronger and more relevant to climate change.” – Meteorological experts

Climate change is the three major in today’s world One of the challenges, but also the opening of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly to discuss the issue. As early as 2015, nearly 200 countries around the world agreed to sign the Paris Agreement, is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, against global warming.

for the relationship between hurricanes and climate change, the consequences director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Schon Huber said: “I can assure you that there is sufficient evidence that the academic community, hurricane wind getting stronger, and Climate change. “He warned that it was only a start,” if we do not implement the Paris agreement, this event will become the new normal. “

There are American meteorologists believe that the United States two weeks two strong The hurricane again sounded the weather alarm. However, the White House still does not believe in climate change. White House Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Assistant Bossett pointed out that it is too early to say that climate change has led to a series of recent hurricanes, requiring further scientific research as support.

Although US President Trump performance is acceptable in response to two major hurricanes in, but Trump had announced its withdrawal from “climate agreement in Paris”, critics have pointed out, the Atlantic hurricane enter the “new normal” , It is the best response to his exit from the climate agreement. Hurricanes may force American societies to rethink their positions and measures to tackle climate change. (End)

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