How can a man come to middle age? How to spend

Psychological words Recently, a rock drummer of the insulation cup suddenly fire. The old blood of the rocky young people into the holding of the insulation cup, to the health of the middle-aged uncle, this contrast has triggered a wide discussion of the middle-aged crisis, even 90 after the army have said they have entered the middle-aged crisis The So, middle-aged crisis is an age crisis, or a psychological crisis? How should people spend their middle age crisis? The term of the middle-aged crisis, first proposed by the Canadian psychologist Eliot Jacques, usually occurs in the age of 40, before and after the time difference can be 20 years, that adults from this time, the real death of a sober Awareness of the natural laws of life and death, such as the declining body function, work, health, family and other aspects of the apparent sense of powerlessness. Middle-aged crisis is a psychological crisis, is the subconscious of the existence and death of anxiety, usually manifested in two forms, one is this stage of health, career, family and other changes brought about by the reality of anxiety, the other is the early Life is questioned by the boredom and nothingness. Middle age is a contradictory stage, the direct crisis it brings is the physiological and psychological adaptation problems. Individuals into middle age, may feel that they are still righteous, but wrinkles, bald, fat and other changes in appearance and body changes suggest that the individual into the physiological aging, endocrine, sexual function and the body function are beginning to decline, Return, morbidity and mortality gradually increased, these physiological changes lead to middle-aged people’s health concerns, but also bring psychological gap. In the cause, they generally have some accumulation, but also gradually know their own limitations, coupled with more young people to participate in the competition, so that its social status is challenged, so it is uncertain whether to continue to forge ahead or to the status quo, in the desire and compromise Between the dilemma. In the family marriage, middle-aged people are faced with the old burden of a small burden and economic crisis, feel the children grow up gradually uncontrollable loss, if the marriage problems still face the difficulties and so difficult to solve. In the face of internal and external pressure, middle-aged people prone to anxiety, panic, depression, unwilling and other emotions, which is often experienced middle-aged crisis. Some people think that the middle-aged crisis in the final analysis is because no money, if the money can be resolved by these real anxiety, in fact, no middle-aged people with economic pressure will have a middle-aged crisis. Analysis of the founder of psychology Jung believes that middle-aged people usually family stability, career success, but still feel the great nothingness, which is the specific goal of life after the spiritual vacuum and spiritual difficulties, external goals have been achieved, But is that what i want? Is life like that? Some people fall into the early life of dissatisfaction and boredom, want to find new life meaning. In order to escape the inner sense of meaninglessness and fear of death, individuals will live in a way different from past values, often with extraordinary behavior, such as buying valuables, finding young mates, changing job assignments, giving up their own All chase another life and so on. Middle-aged crisis is not a 40-year-old patent, many 80 after 90 also felt the threat of the former middle-aged crisis. 20-30 years of age according to reason is the vitality of life, life is full of infinite age, why they also show the fear of middle-aged crisis it? A variety of factors intertwined, making young people also experience the middle-aged population of reality, self and death anxiety. Fast-paced life and work pressure to bring the body’s premature aging signal, some geriatric disease began to patronize young people, making young people feel the physiological decline brought about by the middle-aged crisis. The pursuit of mainstream values ​​for success has exacerbated the anxiety and panic of young people as a result of social comparisons. And the mobile Internet has played a role in fueling the Internet respected young culture, on the one hand led to young people quick success, but the ability and desire does not match, so that young people have to face their incompetence and limitations, on the other hand Young people have a solid fixation of youth and into the middle-aged panic, they are afraid of young no longer, fear to mediocrity, fear of life will be a foregone conclusion. Although the middle-aged crisis is our life course to face the physiological and psychological challenges, but it is not insurmountable. The best way to deal with the middle-aged crisis is undoubtedly to have a healthy and fulfilling psychological state: first of all to face the natural law of illness and death, admit that they are ordinary people this reality, accept the body aging, youth loss, role change and other life changes; Followed by looking for new values, redefining themselves, understanding their own abilities and limitations, recognizing their real needs and aspirations; and finally maintaining an optimistic and calm attitude and positive behavior, through exercise, reading, traveling, socializing, developing hobbies And other ways to carry out emotional counseling and self-adjustment, smooth through the middle-aged crisis. (The author is a national secondary counselor)

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