Hong Kong media assessment of the future science award: called the highest level of China’s Nobel Prize in the Mainland

According to the Hong Kong media, the mainland China’s bonuses are the most generous, known as the “China Nobel Prize,” the future of science awards announced, three in the molecular structure, quantum satellites and algebraic geometry Outstanding Contribution to Scientists Award. Three scientists have studied and worked abroad before returning to study. According to the Hong Kong “South China Morning Post” website reported on September 10, ten years ago, biophysicist Shi Yigong in response to the call of the motherland, resigned from Princeton University. Weekend, Tsinghua University, Dean of Life Sciences Shi Yigong this year’s “future science award”, the prize money of 1 million US dollars. “Future Science Award” launched last year, called the Chinese Nobel Prize. Reported that the 47-year-old quantum communications satellite researcher Pan Jianwei won the physics prize, and 36-year-old Peking University professor Xu Chenyang won the math and computer science award. Shi Yigong said that the reward given to his research on the structure of the molecular complex called splice showed that his decision to return was correct. This is also a recognition of the whole team work. Mainland media quoted Shi Yigong as saying: “I think today to get future science awards, largely depends on the country over the past 10 years of continuous research on basic research.” He said he thanked Tsinghua University to give him support, Although many people returned to him ten years ago, “not optimistic.” Reported that the three scientists in the study before returning to study abroad and have to work. Pan Jianwei received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Vienna, and Xu Chenyang received his Ph.D. from Princeton University. Beijing has been encouraging overseas scientists to return to the Mainland and to provide employment and research opportunities for elite talent, the report said. Professor Chen Funchang, President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said the award showed the attraction of scientists back to the Mainland. Chen Fanchang said that all three winners have been abroad for a long time, and Shi Yigong and Pan Jianwei not only in the Mainland in the world is also famous. “The selection of the three winners means that these scientists have access to the development of scientific programs with national or even international importance, and that China is determined to have the ability to develop science at the world level,” he said. Reported that the future science award last year by the mainland some entrepreneurs and scientists co-sponsored. Sponsors include one of Tencent’s founder Ma, Baidu’s chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li, founder and chairman of NetEase’s company, Ding Lei. The winners are not limited in nationality, but must be engaged in major research work in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. Professor Yu Yu-ming, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, received last year’s life sciences award for work on noninatal pre-genetic testing. Reported that the winner of the “future science award” bonuses in the Mainland is the highest, and Hong Kong’s “Shaw Prize” award winners of $ 1.2 million. (Compiled / Liu Xiaoyan)

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