“Harvey” has just taken “Emma” again to the United States hurricanes continue to hit the state

The United States recent natural disasters, hurricane “Harvey” in the United States, Texas and other places raging for several days, killing 50 people were killed 6 million people affected, after the disaster. Reconstruction is as high as 180 billion US dollars; “Harvey” just go, the same power of the hurricane “Emma” and approaching Florida, the local is ready to wait. One side is a series of floods, the other side is unprecedented mountain fire. In the hurricane invasion of the United States along the occasion, the United States, Los Angeles, California because of high temperatures ushered in the history of the largest mountain fire, the current fire to be some control.

Hurricane “Harvey” To rebuild system 50 dead astronomical

local time on August 29, 2017, Houston, Texas, hurricane “Harvey” To bring heavy rainfall to Houston, urban and surrounding areas of severe floods. More than a million people were killed in the United States, more than 1 million people were displaced, and a total of 6 million people were affected to varying degrees. Especially in the hardest hit in Texas, many people are still in a state of disappearance, hurricanes caused by floods and caused a lot of property damage in the local.

Hurricane “Harvey” on the United States caused a hit in Texas, post-disaster reconstruction has been put on the agenda. It is estimated that reconstruction may require up to $ 180 billion in funding, but so far the source of funding has not yet been implemented. On June 1, US President Trump announced at the White House that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. He also stressed that the United States may return to the agreement on climate change, but the prerequisite is that the agreement must be more “fair” to the United States. China News Agency reporter Diao Haiyang photo

3, the United States ushered in by the President Trump initiated the national prayer day, intended to pray for the victims of the disaster. Trump was carrying his wife to visit Houston and Louisiana. In addition, Trump also sent a letter to Congress seeking $ 7.85 billion for emergency and post-disaster reconstruction in Texas and Louisiana. It is reported that Trump’s request for Congress is considered to be the first of the Harvey hurricane aid, including $ 7.4 billion for relief efforts by the Federal Emergency Relief Agency , As well as to the small business owners to provide 450 million US dollars in disaster relief loans.

Hurricane “Emma” and approaching a state of emergency in Florida


local time on September 4, 2017, San Juan, Puerto Rico, just upgraded to Level 4 storm The “Erma” hurricane is close to the Caribbean and the southern United States.

“Harvey” has not yet faded from people’s attention. Another new hurricane, “Irma,” is moving rapidly on the Atlantic Ocean, bringing fear to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, the east coast of the United States and the southern states in the next few days.

USA Florida Gov. Gov. Richard Scott said in a statement, due to the hurricane “Emma” near, he declared a state of emergency in all 67 zones.

Hurricanes at four levels of danger are moving westward from the central Atlantic to the Caribbean, but it is possible to move to the Florida area. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) points out that the powerful hurricane “Irma” is about to pose a threat to many parts of the eastern Caribbean, with several islands in the range of hurricane warnings, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Then under alert.

According to forecasts, “Emma” on the 5th or 6th morning to night attack east of the Leeward Islands Puerto Rico (LeewardIslands), the water level beyond the normal three meters, rainfall in some areas will reach 25 cm, but also Set off a “devastating big wave”.


Shuihuowuqing Los Angeles to welcome the biggest fire in the history of

As the days of high temperature, since the beginning of September 2, Los Angeles, California area around the mountain appears Fire and crazy spread, the formation of the largest wildfire in Los Angeles, Los Angeles announced a state of emergency, there is no casualties reported.

fire and water ruthless, where the state and Florida are facing floods, California has suffered high temperatures every day. Los Angeles, California, the United States around the recent emergence of fires and crazy spread, the formation of the largest ever wildfire in Los Angeles, Los Angeles announced a state of emergency, there is no casualties reported.

Since August 27, a rare heat wave swept through Los Angeles and the surrounding area, continued to heat the day, and some areas once more than 45 degrees Celsius. (VerdugoMountains) in the northern part of Los Angeles began to appear wildfire on the 1st, and the rapid spread of the fire by the wind, the fire area has been expanding to form a great mountain fire, burn the land more than 5900 acres, three houses Was destroyed, more than 700 households were ordered to evacuate. Local time 3,There are more than 1,000 firefighters into fire fighting work. As of 3 evening, the fire finally got some control, the interstate highway is also reopened. Some local residents were allowed to return to their homes on the 2nd after being forced evacuated on the 2nd.

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