Guy invented black technology socket: water pull plug not electric shock

There are a lot of waterproof sockets on the market, usually there is a water and electricity isolation tank, the water from the jack into the water in the isolation tank inside, as long as the card upside down to pour out the water can be used normally. And Sichuan has a 85 after the guy, actually made a not afraid of the water outlet, even in the water pull the plug will not be electric shock. And put the light bulb and socket together into the water, the light bulb is not extinguished, that is, there is no short-circuit situation. According to the Chengdu Business Daily reported that this guy named Zhou Gang, through independent research and development of FS (Fence out Something) insulation technology, to solve the traditional bare connected technology “leakage, short circuit, arc” three security problems, Both insulated and energized. Official explanation, “FS insulation connected to the core technology, is connected before the plug, when connected, all links are done without leakage, no short circuit, no arc, the electric tiger off.” It is reported that at present, insulation Socket plant has been completed, before and after the end of the trial run into production.

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