Guangzhou Zoo End of the circus show citing circus: will continue to perform

Guangzhou Zoo to stop the circus performance Note: Public concern. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Zoo issued a statement that has repeatedly asked to stop its business and withdraw from the field. Circus Manager Huang Yingzhi said he would continue to perform circus, “circus has been officially included in the national intangible cultural heritage, should be spread and protected, can not blindly suppress the ban.” Yesterday, the Guangzhou Zoo in its official website once again issued a statement, the circus serious breach of contract, continue to operate without authorization, will resort to legal proceedings. Whether the carnival performances continue, the zoo and the circus dispute between the two sides, the problem has become a lot of zoo in front of my puzzle. Hu Chunmei, head of the Chinese “Rescue Animal Show Project”, said there were still animal performances in zoos or wildlife parks in at least 17 cities this year. Recently, the Guangzhou Zoo official website of a “animal behavior exhibition hall project in August 31, 2017 contract expires, and in September 1, 2017 from the beginning of business,” the news, “sentenced” there are 24 years of the Guangzhou zoo circus show to end. The zoo tickets 20 yuan, enter the animal behavior exhibition hall to visit plus 20 yuan. It is reported that animal behavior exhibition hall construction area of ​​855 square meters, formerly known as tame beast performance field, 24 years to receive more than 10 million visitors. There are chimpanzees, tigers, black bears, parrots and other animals, each time 20 minutes, 6 games a day. After the circus show, the venue will show the animal behavior by scientific means. Guangzhou Zoo related person in charge, after closing, according to the planning of the Guangzhou Zoo, the venue will be transformed into non-business science education venues, free and open. Guangzhou Zoo: insisted on acting will appeal to the law However, after the announcement in Guangzhou Zoo, the Guangzhou Zoo circus show is still continuing the news is “spread like wildfire.” According to media reports, after September 1, there are still people watching the zoo circus show. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Zoo to the Beijing News reporter confirmed the matter. He said the zoo and the circus contract has expired on August 31, no longer renewed. At present, also circulated to the circus many times, if you continue to insist on acting, will resort to legal proceedings. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Zoo official website also issued a statement that the “Guangzhou Zoo Animal Behavior Exhibition Hall lease contract” has expired on August 31, 2017, Guangzhou Zoo repeatedly asked the tenant to ask the people of Guangdong Province Guangde County tame animal group Stop operation and orderly withdrawal, but since September 1, the regiment serious breach of contract, continue to operate without authorization, the resulting legal disputes by the regiment itself. The statement also said that in order to protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of tourists, visitors support and with the normal management of the park. Circus: withdrawal notice will suddenly continue to perform as a circus manager, Huang Yingzhi in July this year, received a notice of withdrawal of the park, said the contract will not be renewed by the end of August. Huang Yingzhi said that the Guangzhou Zoo notice for him too suddenly, “suddenly let us here, and where we go?” The expiration of the contract is Huang Yingzhi signed a seventh contract with the park. He said the circus would continue to perform. “Circus has been officially included in the national intangible cultural heritage, should be spread and protected, can not blindly suppress the ban.” ■ dialogue China “rescue animal show project” person in charge Hu Chunmei: There are many zoo presence animal performance Hu Chunmei contact with public projects in 2010, at the beginning, it is committed to stop the circus and other animal performance. 7 years later, in her view, the city zoo “circus show” is indeed reduced. But she still showed concern, Hu Chunmei and other members of the public welfare program phone statistics found that at present, still found at least 17 cities in the city zoo or wild zoo there animal show. At the same time, the new wild zoo in order to Lanke, but also the introduction of most of the animal performances. She called on the public to be able to recognize the suffering of animals behind the circus performances, but also called on the relevant departments to introduce more relevant coercive measures. Yesterday, the reporter on the animal performance for the cruelty of animal behavior, why the circus performance is still repeated and other issues dialogue Hu Chunmei. The end of the circus table is the “benchmark event” Beijing News: Guangzhou Zoo 20 years of circus performances ended, how do you look at this matter? Hu Chunmei: the end of so many years of circus performances, this is a benchmark event. But still a bit late In 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs issued a “on the strengthening of the zoo management views” of the document, called on the zoo not to use wild animals to perform. At that time, Nanjing, Tianjin, Chongqing and other zoos have stopped the animal show. But this case is still too little, too slow. In 2016, we had telephone statistics on the national urban zoo and wildlife park animal performance, found that there are 190 live performances. This year, we learned about the zoo of 31 provincial capitals, autonomous regions and municipalities and municipalities, and found that only 45% of the zoos stopped animals and 55% of the zoo still had varying degrees of animal performance. To further expand the scope, we conducted a telephone survey of 243 city zoos or wildlife parks and found that there were 95 animal performances. And the Chinese Zoo Association member units, 38.5% of the zoo still have animal performances. In July this year, we have submitted a letter to the Ministry of Housing and Construction, “the implementation of the zoo development program to effectively stop animal performances,” the proposal letter. Tiger big bees are “saw flat” Beijing News: want to achieve what effect? Many people may not think that this is the act of cruelty to animals, such as the circus head said, we did not beat the animals at the time of training? Hu Chunmei: hope to gradually cancel the animal show. We found that the Guangzhou ZooThe big tigers of the circus tigers are sawed. This is not considered abuse? Prior to this, we also found a number of circus tigers, the lion’s cusp was saw flat, did not carry out the corresponding medical treatment. Finally, these animals are black inside the teeth, will affect the digestive function of carnivores. Black bear’s performance will also affect the body joints. We believe that this kind of human intervention is trained, showing non-animal behavior practices are abuse. Beijing News: Why does this circus show still exist? What have you done before? Hu Chunmei: mainly driven by the benefits, we have done before a survey, a ticket value of 200 to 300, two or three games a day, more than two thousand viewers, two days will be able to earn millions of performances. Before that, we had to show the public in the show, the animals were trained when the video and photos, many people see, say no longer read. Beijing News: which show the main scene? Hu Chunmei: For example, we often see the monkeys ride, or take the wire, in fact, monkeys are difficult to train, so the performance is basically training in advance for half a year. Our investigators have seen that these monkeys around the neck ring, the scope of activities is a circle, each time only to feed a steamed bread. There are also circus inside, tiger lion training are driven with iron bars, 5 lions inside at least three big canines were saw flat. ■ Does the circus show be a cruelty? Animal protection experts said that there is no relevant criteria for a long time, circus performances have been “torture” controversy. Speaking of whether to abuse animals, Huang Yingzhi that their circus some wronged. He admits that at present, the circus performed “cohabitation”, there are indeed individual acts of beatings of cruelty, “we circus never beaten animals.” But in China, “save the animal show project” person in charge of Hu Chunmei view, animal performance itself is to cruel animals. “Let the animals in the human intervention, engaged in non-natural behavior, which is inherently abuse.” In 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction has issued “on the further strengthening of the zoo management views”, called the zoo not to use wild animals for performing activities. In the same year, the State Forestry Administration issued “to further regulate the wild animal viewing performance”, called for the immediate cessation of abuse performance. What is abuse, but different opinions. Animal protection expert Li Junsheng that whether the cruelty of animals still can not be judged according to the video simple, there is no relevant criteria. Under normal circumstances, if the animals caused more serious harm, you can determine the “abuse” animals. Beijing News reporter letter Na

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