Experts say that smoking cannabis will make male sperm lazy circle around swimming

People have a very unique sense of relaxation after taking marijuana, but the latest study shows that taking marijuana can cause male sperm to become “lazy”, potentially reducing one third of sperm. According to foreign media reports, scientists, the latest research shows that men overdose cannabis will face fertility problems, because marijuana can make sperm become “lazy”, leading them to circle around the swimming. Cannabis is a kind of illicit drug, people can relax after eating, and ease the mood. But the researchers have found that cannabis will have a certain impact on sperm, regular use of marijuana can lead to a reduction in the number of male sperm one-third. “There is evidence that cannabis may not only have a negative impact on sperm count but also affect sperm function.” Previous studies have shown that cannabis can affect men by reducing the number of spermatozoa, according to Dr. Victor Chow of the University of British Columbia, Canada. Fertility, and can inhibit female ovulation. The exact way in which marijuana affects men is not clear, but this latest study seems to explain. The figure is a drug addict is preparing to take marijuana, people will have a sense of relaxation of marijuana, and dependence on cannabis. But fertility is not the only danger of marijuana, and marijuana will also lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and increased risk of pregnant women than expected. At the same time, recent studies have shown that smoking cannabis can also affect the knee, elbow and shoulder movements when the smokers walk. Studies from the University of South Australia show significant differences in cannabis and non-marijuana smokers. People with marijuana are more solid on their shoulders, have flexible elbows, have faster knee movements, and are more active in these joints than non-marijuana smokers. Although the researchers were able to find the difference in these activities, there was no significant difference between balance and neurological function. University of British Columbia, Canada, University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia, called for more research work to accurately analyze how marijuana affects people’s athletic ability. (Allure)

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