Experience the life of Mars: VR games let you experience immersive science

In the virtual reality game “Mars 2030”, the player can be in the 40 square kilometers of Mars surface to explore, these simulation scenarios are based on the Mars orbit original data generated, the player will experience a future in the game Habitat. Players will explore the human habitat on the surface of Mars, which includes: waste treatment areas, vegetable bases, green plants and a research laboratory. This is a complete circadian game, so you can experience the surface of Mars during the day and night, while the game has some dynamic climate system, for example: you will see dust storms or dust rolls. The figure is a player holding the controller, wearing a virtual reality helmet. According to foreign media reports, in the VR game “Mars 2030”, the game player to explore a realistic livable environment, and immersed in the 3D environment to tap the history of Mars logo. At present, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Steam PC virtual reality platform on July 31 launch of the game, and plans to soon launch the PlayStation VR platform. Players wearing HTC Vive to virtual exploration of Mars, to provide a fascinating reality scenes, when passing through the surface of Mars sometimes have a sense of dizzy. Julian Reyes, director of converged media group gaming virtual reality / enhanced reality, said: “Based on the Mars survey high-resolution scientific camera (HiRISE) survey data, players can be in the Martian surface of 40 square kilometers To explore the game, we can read the game manual, can be the orbit of the orbit of the Mars data into real-time game engine environment. “It is reported that the game production members by the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a study inspired, the study investigated the” The feasibility of the MIT study shows that some of the game company’s settings on the game are wrong and unsustainable. After the game company asked the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help, understand the game should be retained on the surface of Mars what. “They began to provide us with a number of technical reports, including shelter, space suits, rover, food growth and field resource utilization (ISRU),” said Reyes, who later introduced these concepts into a partner, NASA, And the establishment of a team responsible for the reconstruction of the surface of Mars and a habitat, and then build the game development tool in the virtual engine. “Eventually will form a immersive scientific experience, game elements based on more accurate scientific data. Players emulate astronauts landing on the surface of Mars, they can use the Vive helmet and hands controller virtual walk on the surface of Mars, the game astronaut hands to follow the player hand movements, they can use both hands on the surface of Mars flag. The jump on the surface of Mars, the player’s speed is slower than expected, which is mainly affected by the gravity of Mars. In order to travel faster on the surface of Mars, players can take the multi-task space to explore the car, which is based on the actual design of NASA. According to Reyes, the research team can travel at a “Mars Sims” in the Johnson Space Center, using 8 different microphones to accurately record the sound of the entire process, and the game also uses the original music of the London Symphony Orchestra The Players will explore the human habitat on the surface of Mars, which includes: waste treatment areas, vegetable bases, rows of green plants and a research laboratory, as well as some other modules, after which players will explore the surface of Mars. The Mars Survey Orbiter survey data provides a 40-square-kilometer area of ​​Mars for the Marcos Valley, one of the two landing spots selected by the ExoMars 2020 Detector, which has a large amount of clay Different terrain, scientists believe that this is the best place to find Mars water resources and signs of life. Players can pick up the surface of Mars at any time, but also can move forward or backward smoothly, but for inexperienced virtual reality players, the easiest way to move is to use the controller to send to any visible area. When the player collects the Mars rock sample, it can open a different area of ​​discovery on the surface of Mars. A player encounters two different scenarios when he or she is experiencing a game experience: longer lava caves and towering mountains that gather rocks in lava caves How to form a rock of different structures; players in the game encounter Mars dust storm, completely blocked the sun light, the final players in the mountains side of the climb for a long time. “This is a complete circadian game, so you can experience the surface of Mars during the day and night, and there are some dynamic climate systems at the same time, for example: you will see dust storms or dusty winds.” Ultimately, Game players to establish a understanding of the history of Mars understanding, as well as the magnificent structure of the Martian, to show the future operation of the human habitat of Mars. Reyes said: “The overall concept of this game is to explore, get some discoveries, reveal some of the history of Mars, or let you return to Mars history, or let you watch the true appearance of Mars in the game players will even collect Mars rock back to the laboratory, under the microscope, looking for the mark of life of Mars. “(Allure)

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