Do not underestimate your cat and dog: they were astronauts!

Cat and other animals sacrifice and pay for the development of human space has made an indelible contribution

Sina Technology News Beijing September 6, according to foreign media reports, you know, in fact, all the cat Are amateur physicists. How did we find this? Because they are constantly playing every day, it is clear that the earth is to verify the gravity does exist. But only because the cats love physics, and can not guarantee that they become excellent astronauts. But no matter what, this can not stop the cat who made some attempts.

The 1947 archival video shows that the US Air Force is located at the White-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and Air Force researchers use a C-130 transport aircraft to bring a few kittens and pigeons into a name For the “vomit comet” (Vomit Comet) weightlessness flight test. In the experiment, the aircraft will move up and down, thus briefly simulating similar weightlessness in space. This is part of the US government’s astronaut medical training pilot program, and the Air Force apparently wants to do this simulations before bringing the true astronauts to space, and see what they will do with the cat in an approximately weightless environment. Based on the performance of the cats in the weightless environment, the researchers wrote a very detailed tutorial to help future astronauts understand how to deal with in the weightless environment.

Americans did not really put the cat into space, but the French did it. On October 24, 1963, French scientists sent a cat called “Fèlicette” into the suborbital height for about 15 minutes. Finally the cat returned safely to the ground. French scientists quickly sent them to the Aviation Medical Research and Education Center for a study, focusing on whether the flight caused damage to its brain.

The Soviet puppet “Lycra” dressed in “work clothes”. It gave the life of the human aerospace industry courageously gave birth to life In the early rocket development stage, there are some other animals instead of human pioneer exploration mission, it is very sad that some of the animal astronauts in the Unfortunately, the mission failed to survive. November 3, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the “Stern Nick -2” satellite, which carries a called “Lycra” puppy. Although the dog Lycra became the world’s first to enter the Earth orbit of the creatures, but because the launch plan is very hasty, engineers have not had time to design a program to return to Earth, so very sad that the puppy Lycra no longer return to Earth on. In 1948, NASA used a V-2 rocket to launch a rhesus called Albert about 63 kilometers from the ground, but unfortunately, during the mission it There was suffocation and eventually died.

In the early days of space, there were many animals that were sent into space for scientific research purposes. But it seems that after the French people seem to no longer be implemented in the world to let the cat astronauts to participate in the space mission. The future Will there be cat astronauts in the future? (Morning wind)

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