Distance of 3500 km! “New Vision” will fly the new celestial bodies

According to the US space network on the 10th news that the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that the “new vision” probe will be “ultra-near the same time,” the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Distance “to perform the fly over the Kui Bo with a small celestial body – 2014 MU69 task and collect celestial information. This distance will be closer to the target star than when flying over Pluto, and the success of the conquest of the “new world” will be another historic human exploration mission.

“New Vision” probe investment of 700 million US dollars, launched in 2006, the task is to Pluto, Ming Wei and located in the Kui Bo belt to explore the small planets. It is the fastest ever spacecraft ever launched by mankind and has historically flew over Pluto on July 14, 2015, and has sent back the clearest picture of history, the first human probe to detect this distant dwarf planet The

NASA announced the next destination of the spacecraft earlier: No. KYBe Bodi with the name M & gt; MU69. The Kuiper belt is located on the edge of the solar system, while the 2014 MU69 is located 1.6 kilometers away from Pluto’s orbit. Recently, NASA officials announced that the task force’s latest goal is to let the “new vision” than flying over Pluto, but also closer to the celestial body MU69 – distance will be only 2175 miles (3500 km), the time point set in 2019 January 1. Alan Stern, chief investigator of the new vision, said in a statement that the scientific event would be “very staggering”, closer to Pluto than the celestial body. MU69, Also means that the detector will get unprecedented higher resolution images and other data, including the super-fine stars that were not previously observed when flying over Pluto.

Remote boundaries, the whole team due to the challenges and opportunities and excitement.

At present, the detector has been continuously tracked, the heading will be aligned with the MU69 object. It is also possible in the mission to observe the dozens of celestial bodies located in the Kuiper belt, and through these groundbreaking exploration, we will really reveal the mysteries of the solar system.

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2014 & nbsp; MU69 Hubble Space Telescope is found. It is too dark, dark in all the ground telescope eyes, it is no sense of existence. Prepared for 6 months, with three detectors and 24 portable telescopes, the “new vision” team finally in July this year, through the “occultation” phenomenon observed, access to the more on the 2014 & nbsp; MU69 data. MU69 is in the distant and faint Kuiper belt, where the earliest hidden secret of the solar system. This information, human beings on earth can never be informed. “New vision” this time to “stop”, challenge, but the harvest can be expected.

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