Crayfish “occupied” Berlin Park, Germany has been captured 3000 (Figure)

Spicy Crayfish is a favorite of many people, but this “tongue on the food” allows the staff of the German park headache endless. According to foreign media reports, German Berlin animal control officials said they have been in the Berlin city center park captured 3000 American lobster, and these crayfish are still in the park continue to reproduce. This summer, many Berliners have seen this aggressive crustacean “wandering” in the Berlin Tier Kato Park, the rainy day and even some people see the crayfish shaking “cross the road” The

Berlin’s animal experts Ai Lete (Derk & nbsp; Ehlert) 13, said red freshwater crayfish native to northern Mexico and the southern United States, these lobsters could be brought to Berlin as a pet, then was fed The Lord was abandoned in the park.

He said that after three consecutive warm winters, the number of lobsters in the park surged. To this end, last year the park even introduced a fish dedicated to crayfish, but still did not slow the growth of crayfish.

It is reported that in the past two weeks, the captures of the crayfish are between six months and five years old. Once these lobsters are caught, they will be killed immediately.

It is reported that Berlin hopes to try to clear the lobster to solve the problem of park lobster flooding.

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