Costs shrink the United States by private enterprises to develop space off China?

newspaper correspondent Wei Yunfeng newspaper reporter Ma Jun

“Japanese Economic News” website on the 11th that the United States is by efficient private enterprises to accelerate the development of space, so as to throw off Chinese and other Competitor. In response to this statement, the Chinese aerospace experts said that countries are based on their own national conditions to develop aerospace development strategy, China is no exception, alone private enterprises can not solve all the problems.

For example, NASA has recently decided to extend the durability test of telescope Aerospace’s telescopic module for the International Space Station (ISS). The trial started in 2016 and has achieved good results, NASA will explore the possibility of longer-term use. It is said that the company is planning to use this telescopic module to build space for visitors to stay in the “space hotel”, the future it will become the basis of civil space station. The company plans to set up civil air stations in the lunar orbit as early as 2020 as a transit point for lunar development and Mars exploration, and even as a fuel supply base. The International Space Station, which is maintained by multinational government funds, is expected to be retired in 2028 and is intended to compete in private space stations, including Axiom Space. At present the company plans to connect to the International Space Station to develop their own modules, the first in 2021 to carry out space-based space flight services. Another NanoRacks company said: “We have accumulated low-cost operation of the space station technology, announced the end of the International Space Station, will immediately proceed to promote the civil space station plan.”

reported that, due to the participation of private enterprises, space launch price “diving”. US space exploration technology company this year has been successfully launched 12 times, and ready to test in November more powerful heavy-duty launch vehicle. In this kind of successful example of the encouragement, the US private enterprises have prepared in the height of 2000 km below the “near-Earth orbit” regional development of space tourism, or imagine the use of space station 3D printer, making it a small satellite and other “space factory” The

“Unlike the development of the United States as the cost of the Cold War, the United States hopes to improve the efficiency of development and investment through civil forces, throwing off competitors such as China.” In contrast, China’s space program is mostly dominated by the state. The report specifically mentioned that China proposed the construction of “space power” target, plans to build the first 2022 autonomous space station. China will also provide services for emerging countries wishing to participate in satellite applications and space research and development, and plan to conduct lunar exploration and Mars exploration under national leadership.

A Chinese aerospace expert told the “Global Times” reporter, private enterprises involved in space is not a new thing, especially in the field of mature satellites, private enterprises developed a variety of commercial communications and remote sensing satellite has long been booming , And into the daily life. The United States in recent years the development of better commercial space launch, is built on the United States already has a strong aerospace technology based on. In order to save money, NASA near the space launch business transferred to the hands of private enterprises, this has the current situation.

The expert said that China is in accordance with its own economic capacity and technical basis to plan the development of space. Of course, in this process, we will learn from the successful experience of the United States, such as China in recent years have launched the “Jilin One” “Zhuhai One” and many commercial remote sensing satellites, and “2016 China’s space” white paper clearly ” And encourage private capital and social forces to participate in aerospace activities and develop commercial aerospace. “

However, private enterprises to participate in aerospace development also has its own limitations, in the large investment and difficult to predict the deep space exploration and other space science, Still dominated by governments. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation Deputy General Manager Yang Baohua 10 at the Beijing Institute of Technology, “Space Load Technology Research Institute,” the opening ceremony, said that mankind from “into space” “use of space” “control space” gradually into the “understanding of space” , In the process, China and the world advanced countries simultaneously. He stressed that we have paid more attention to “space technology” and “space utilization” in the past, and now “space science” on the “space power” development goals first, enough to show China’s attention to space science research. It is understood that China launched in recent years, the dark matter particle detection satellite “Wukong”, the quantum science experimental satellite “Mozi”, hard X-ray modulation telescope satellite “eye” and so on are in the forefront of the world related fields.

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