Chongqing found a world-class dinosaur fossil group or fill the dinosaur space-time distribution blank

Excavated dinosaur tail fossils. Chongqing Municipal Government News Office issued a message on the 28th, said in Chongqing Yunyang County Pu’an Township found a world-class dinosaur fossils. The fossil fossil fossils are large in scale, and the geological age spans the early and late Jurassic, and the types of fossils are large and the scientific research and development value is large. It is likely to fill the temporal and spatial distribution of the Late Jurassic dinosaurs in the early Jurassic Whitespace.

, deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Land and Housing Bureau spokesman said the introduction Li Shichuan, Yunyang County, Chongqing Puan Township dinosaur fossils discovered in 2015, was accidentally discovered and reported to local farmers. Fossil group is located in Yunyang County Pu’an Township Laojun village, 23 kilometers away from the new county of Yunyang, 20 kilometers away from Yunyang Longtan National Geological Park, located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River south of a tributary rainco River upstream, land and sea transport facilities.

Excavated dinosaur rib fossils. The results of the outcrop survey of dolphin fossils in the fossil group show that there are fossil outcrops in the long range of about 5 km along the Shaximiao Formation, and the exposed length of the dinosaur fossil core area is 550 meters. Through the rescue excavation work, has formed a length of 150 meters, 2 meters thick, 8 meters high “dinosaur fossil wall”, the wall area of ​​1155 square meters, with 17 fossil enrichment area. According to the detection, “dinosaur fossil wall” is still a large number of dinosaur fossils, burial depth of at least 20 meters; from the core area about one kilometer away from the more ancient early Jurassic self-flow group formation, the same Dense dinosaur fossils exposed.

Excavated dinosaur teeth fossils. Liu Xianglin, the world’s authoritative dinosaur scientist Xu Xing, Dong Zhiming and other on-site reconnaissance found that the fossil fossil distribution era span, from the late Jurassic late to the Middle Jurassic, and then to the Late Jurassic strata , There are fossils found; fossil distribution range, in about 5 km long rock formation to have multiple fossil outcrops, showing great potential.

In addition, the fossil fossils are rich in fossils, and there are currently at least five dinosaurs that have been exposed to exposed fossils including base sauropods, sauropods, skins, Such as snakes and other reptiles and other reptiles; fossil clusters are buried in different places, fossils and the overall distribution of large, low degree of association, there are many fragments of fossils, but poor sorting, with short distance handling and rapid burial Of the characteristics, such as the formation of large debris flow of the remote cluster buried.

Dinosaur fossil excavation site. He Yunhui pharynx animal and ancient human research researcher Xu Xing answered a reporter’s question, said Yunyang Pu’an dinosaur fossils on behalf of the world in recent years in the field of dinosaur research a major discovery. Early Jurassic Late – Middle Jurassic was the critical period of the evolution of dinosaurs. The emergence of many subgroups and the emergence of some important features occurred during this period, but in the world, fossil records of this period were relatively poor The Yunyang Pu’an dinosaur fossil is likely to fill the world’s early Jurassic late – the Middle Jurassic dinosaur space-time distribution of a blank, with the dinosaur evolution to fill the gaps in the potential significant research significance.

May this year, Chongqing has approved the establishment of Chongqing Yunyang Pu’an dinosaur municipal geological park, planning protection area of ​​91.3 square kilometers. Local officials said the city will organize efforts to strengthen scientific research, will be excavated fossils for scientific research, fossil research and repair work; the formation of fossil walls to study and protect against natural environmental damage.

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