Chinese girls self-made spicy Sichuan “cockroach meal” to promote insect dishes (Figure)

According to the United States, “World Daily” reported that the US Insect Food Festival “Brooklyn Bugs” in the Labor Day weekend in New York Brooklyn debut, cockroaches, wax worms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate Lu Kangni more efforts to promote the consumption of insect industry, the development of Sichuan spicy fried cockroaches and other recipes, she said, “insects are not only high nutrition, high protein foods, eating insects is environmentally friendly and maintain ecological balance The way of life “.

‘Brooklyn Bugs’ live people interact with Alaska cockroaches. (US “World Daily” reporter Li Shuo / photography)

「Brooklyn Bugs」现场民众与阿拉斯加蟑螂互动。(美国《世界日报》记者李硕/摄影)
「Brooklyn Bugs」现场民众与阿拉斯加蟑螂互动。(美国《世界日报》记者李硕/摄影)
Lu Kangni from Boston, graduated from the MIT Department of Environmental Engineering. She said, has been hot in the insects, is committed to let more people understand the benefits of eating insects, “insects is the largest number of species on Earth, if the average to each person, can be divided into 40 tons of different species of insects ”

recalled the first time to eat insects, she said that at the age of eight years, back to his father’s hometown of Shandong Linyi. One afternoon in the summer, cicadas chirp, grandmother said to her, “wait a while to catch you eat.” Lu Kangni said that the grandmother fried cicada golden crisp, fragrant, since then, she began breeding insects, had in the laboratory which raised more than 10,000 cockroaches and wax insects, and regular notes, record the growth of insects The

She said that edible insects have strict standards and production processes, and now eat insects are specifically for people to eat and breeding, such as local time on September 2 to the Brooklyn insect festival Alaska cockroaches (Alaska Cockroaches), is not a common family common cockroaches. The price of edible insects on the market is also expensive, averaging $ 20 to $ 25 per pound.

Lu Kangni has been keen on all insects, and to let more people know about the benefits of insect food, and promote the consumption of scale insects. (US “World Daily” reporter Li Shuo / photography)

Lu Kangni show hand-made edible cockroaches and recipes, she pointed out that raising Alaska cockroaches to eight weeks, after growing, mature and eggs can be eaten after the eggs. First of all, the first cockroach into the refrigerator frozen to death, washed with water, then add boiling water for three minutes full disinfection, and then you can cook according to personal taste.

She explored many recipes, such as fried cockroaches mixed with salad or put together from the heart, their favorite or the cockroach fried, into the pepper, pepper and other stir-fried Sichuan Flavor cockroaches.

Although the breeding of cockroaches will have feelings, eat up do not have the heart, Lu Kangni said insects in fact did not have feelings, no pain, and high nutritional value, containing a lot of protein, calcium, iron and so on. Feeding costs are very low, consumption of energy is very small, coupled with strong insect fertility, maturity is short, is a good solution to solve the world food problem. She hopes that through the Insect Food Festival, let the people understand this high nutrition, high protein, environmental protection and maintain the ecological balance of food, and hope to return to the mother’s hometown of Guangdong, Guangdong and Yunnan to explore the insects.

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