China’s first pig genetic engineering vaccine will be listed

Luoyang Science and Technology Daily September 12 (Reporter Joe ground) reporter on the 12th from Luoyang Pulai Ke Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was informed that the company’s national veterinary medicinal Engineering Research Center as a platform, the system successfully expressed in E. coli Preparation of PCV-2VLPs (virus-like particles virus-likeparticles, VLPs), which lasted 7 years successfully developed the first pure virus-like porcine circovirus gene engineering subunit seedlings will be listed. Experts, the market common types of pig vaccines can be divided into the whole virus inactivated vaccine, live attenuated vaccine, genetic engineering seedlings (including subunits, carrier vaccines, nucleic acid vaccine) and so on. Virus-like particle vaccine (VLPs vaccine) is a subunit vaccine. Viral-like particles are highly structured protein particles that are self-assembled by single or multiple structural proteins of the virus, which retain the natural conformation of the viral antigen protein and have the ability to stimulate the host innate and adaptive immune response. It is to remove the virus genetic material after the re-assembly of the remaining material, still has the original virus characteristics, but no reproductive capacity, no pathogenicity, can still produce animal body for the virus immune response, resulting in antibodies, the body of the The erosion of the virus has a good defensive ability. Purcell’s virus-based particle vaccine based on the above characteristics is a class of subunit vaccines with strong immunogenicity. Experts believe that VLPs vaccine as a new type of genetic engineering vaccine, has a strong immune advantage: the surface structure of the rules, the size of appropriate, non-nucleic acid, can not be self-replicating, not contagious, easy to be immune system identification and produce good Immune effect; in the serum half-life longer; stable quality, safe and reliable. These advantages determine the role and value of virus-like particles in genetic engineering vaccine research, and provide a good direction for genetic engineering vaccine research.

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