China ‘s Forest Coverage Continues and Japan’ s Wood Transactions Swap

Before the production of disposable chopsticks in China in 2006, 99% of disposable chopsticks from Japan were imported from the mainland, equivalent to eating about 2 million trees a year. [123] [Global Report] However, with the mainland to raise awareness of environmental protection, strict restrictions on the felling of trees, but now Japan has become the mainland’s largest timber importer, imports from Japan, mainly used for the production of wood furniture.

According to Taiwan’s China news agency reported on September 14, the mainland is the world’s largest timber imports, and Japan’s largest buyer of wood is the mainland. Japan exported 2016 yuan to the mainland timber worth 9.8 billion yuan, up 48% over the previous year. Taiwan media reported that, now, after a strong recovery, as of 2016 the total area of ​​China’s forest has reached 258 million hectares, the forest coverage rate of 21.93%. It is worth mentioning that China is currently the only country where the global forest coverage is still increasing.

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