“China Nobel Prize” announced! Won a million bonus of a public cattle?

In 2008, as the United States Princeton University Department of biology since the youngest tenured professor, Shi Yi Gong refused $ 10 million in research funding, returned to China. “The New York Times” in the name “contrarian – China attract overseas scientists return” in the report on the use of Shi Gong as an example. Princeton University professor of physics, Robert Austin, said: “He is our star, I think he was completely crazy.” Back to Tsinghua, Shi a public set up life science research team, the “madman” every day to spend a dozen hours In the laboratory … … today (9) is a weekend, known as the “China Nobel Prize” future science awards are also announced in Beijing: Shi Yigong won the “Life Science Award” and received 100 million prize money, bonuses The use of unrestricted. It is worth mentioning that, according to Phoenix Technology, in the field telephone connection, Shi Yigong said that when the news just in the class, so did not receive the phone, after the news that after the news is very excited, very happy and very honored The He also said that now have not figured out how to spend $ 1 million how to spend … … Although the award is awarded to his own, the actual team is also his affirmation. Three scientists received $ 1 million in prize money According to the People’s Daily News 9, the news, Shi Yigong, Pan Jianwei, Xu Chenyang, the three scientists were extracted 2017 future science prize life science prize, material science award and mathematics and computer science Award, each received $ 1 million prize money. Source: People’s Daily Client Every small book learned that Shi Yigong’s award-winning review is: in recognition of his analysis of eukaryotic messenger RNA splicing body of this key complex structure, revealing the active site and molecular level mechanism A significant contribution. According to the new network had reported that in 2015, Shi Yigong led the team to analyze the ultra-high resolution of the three-dimensional structure of the splicing body, the industry known as China in the past 30 years in the field of basic life science to make the greatest contribution to world science. Because of the outstanding contribution made in the field of life sciences. Splicing body is one of the indispensable “molecular machines” in human cells, but human understanding of its working mechanism has been lacking evidence of structural biology. Beijing August 21, 2015, Professor Shi Yigong led the research group in the international top academic journal “Science” (Science) published two consecutive online “cut the body” of the paper, and the first report of the resolution of up to 3.6 angstroms The “splice” molecular structure. This achievement not only marks a critical step forward in human understanding of the process and essence of life, but also a key step in the “central law” of molecular biology that has plagued the twenty years of international life sciences. The three-dimensional structure of the mysterious splicing body is finally revealed. Once said, “My time is in seconds,” “My time is calculated in seconds.” Shi Yigong had told Xinhua told reporters. Race against the second of Shi Yigong, returned to the country has been ten years. As one of the country’s first “thousands of people plan” representative figures, Shi Yigong from the date of return to attract attention. Now, he is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Saikler International Biophysical Award winner, the American Academy of Sciences foreign academician, and the first won the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Emminov Award Chinese scientists. At the same time, also served as vice president of Tsinghua University, vice chairman of China Association for Science and Technology. According to the new network, many people remember Shi Yi Gong, but also because of a debate. In 2011, Shi Yigong and the same as the returnees of the Peking University professor Rao Yi together into the Chinese Academy of Sciences effective enrollment list, but in the subsequent release of the first round of the initial candidates, Rao was won, and the final new Academician list, there is no Shi Shi Gong’s name. In the year under the attention of high-profile return to the country’s Shi, Rao two, in the evaluation of the academician so that many people feel surprised. Shi Yigong refused to come from the reporter. After a long time, he said in a public meeting: “In my goal of returning home, never as a scholar .I think a scholar if the academician as the ultimate goal, a bit too narrow.” December 2013 19, the Chinese Academy of Sciences President Bai Chunli (right) for the newly elected academician Shi Yigong issued academician certificate. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang until December 2013 low-profile elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shi Yigong still said that in many titles, he most valued is “Professor Tsinghua” this identity, most like others call him “teacher” Rather than what the academician, what “long”. In Tsinghua, Shi Yigong was called “the wind like the gods” – speak fast, walking fast, always a hot and cold look. This is not only because he is an impatient, but also to save time – he will give Tsinghua undergraduate students over 100 lessons each year, but also need to complete a scientist’s own work: to do research, writing papers. Father is his only worship According to CCTV news, Shi Yigong said that all he did, is in the realization of his father did not complete the wish of life. Because of the accident, the father in Shi a public school when he left the world, but his father left the bit of memory, but in imperceptibly affect Shi Yigong, inspired him to step by step for the growth of the famous structural biologist, give up Foreign teachers, full-time back to Tsinghua.

In my life, my father had a crucial impact on me. “- An excerpt from an article written by Shi Yibong in his father ‘s memory in 2015, published by the newspaper, and after the network was forwarded, many of the readers had a message and tribute The scientist’s father. In the mind of Shi Yigong, his father’s “ambition” is his “science and technology power dream”. Shi Yigong said: “I deeply miss my father, but also hope that they can have the same as the father of love and feelings of the father’s singing seems to be in my ear: ‘Today’s drinking drink wine, ambition Oath notHugh; to Japan long show their skills, Gan sprinkle blood to write the Spring and Autumn! ‘. According to the new network, it was summed up, Shi Yigong’s life trajectory, has been subversive of the academic community, “the six legend”: who said that the reading of the ” Who said that the study of the suppression of tumor factors with the “apprentice” to study the results of the tumor into the ” In fact, in Shiyi Gongxin, the most hope that subversion is not the case, he said: “Now is the best time for the development of science and technology in China, the weather, geography, and the people of the United States and the United States, The Days, that is, the international environment, there is no big change; geography, is the country’s financial resources; people and people, is the people and leaders of the development of science and technology expectations and calls. If you just learn, I will not come back. I came back, that is, to change the environment. “(Source: Daily Economic News)

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