Brain machine interface company Neuralink financing $ 27 million? Maske denied

Rolfe Winkler broke the news on Twitter, submitted to the SEC file shows that Masky’s brain machine interface company Neuralink has received nearly 27 million US dollars of financing, the target financing is the amount of money is the United States, the United States, $ 100 million and is still going on. But then Muske himself said on Twitter that Neuralink was not in financing. When asked how the SEC file to explain, he only said to go to the verification, and made a “fire” and a “feces” expression. The document shows that Neuralink has been supported by 12 investors. According to Masik’s status, financing should not be a problem. He may think that Neuralink now no longer needs financing. Masque first talked about Neuralink in March of this year when he discussed the necessity of the brain-machine interface because it could help humans keep up with the pace of rapid development of artificial intelligence if humans can only use the screen and the mouse keyboard Of the equipment, then, can not use the growing computing power. The initial use of Neuralink is likely to serve patients with epilepsy. It may also be developed so that humans no longer use words, language to communicate, but directly to the brain to exchange information with each other, just like the download now. At the very beginning, such brain-to-brain interfaces may require implantation of the device by surgery, unless we can invent a non-invasive connection. Neuralink is not the only company that has developed a brain-computer interface. FacebooK has also published a similar idea, but its goal is social, hoping to let users no longer use external input devices to communicate.

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