Borrow five hundred years later Scientists find new ways to extend life!

Image from the University of California, Los Angeles, biologists have increased Drosophila life by 10% to 20% by increasing the level of Drp1 protein in Drosophila cells. Scientists hope that research results will help new drug research and development, so as to treat diseases associated with aging, to help people extend life. Mitochondria are a semi-autonomous organelle that, in addition to energy for cells, also participates in processes such as cell differentiation, cellular information delivery, and apoptosis, and has the ability to regulate cell growth and cell cycle. Mitochondria are usually damaged by the body’s aging process, and damaged mitochondria are more likely to accumulate in the brain, muscle or other organs. When the human body can not remove damaged mitochondria, they produce toxins and lead to a variety of aging-related diseases. British “Nature News” magazine online version of 6 cited research report reported that the study is concerned about the mitochondria. Researchers experimented with midion fruit flies because the mitochondria in the body had the first small size and the length of the circle became longer when the flies grew to middle age, which represented the ability of the cells to remove damaged mitochondria. In the experiment, when the flies grew to 30 days, the researchers “closed” the Atg1 gene in their body, so that the fruit fly can not remove the damaged mitochondria, and for a week to improve the level of its cells Drp1 protein. The results showed that Drosophila became more active, better endurance, female Drosophila average life extension of 20%, male fruit fly average life extension of 12%. The researchers believe that Drp1 protein levels increase fruit flies to remove small, damaged mitochondria, leaving only healthy mitochondria. “We did delay the decline in the health caused by aging,” said David Walker, the main author of the Daily Mail. “The seven days of interventions have long enough to extend their lives and promote their health.” “(Qiao Ying) [Xinhua News Agency micro-draft]

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