Absolutely safe! China’s first commercial quantum communication network put into use

(12) in Jinan through expert review, confidentiality, security, into the code rate of the test have reached the design goals, the design and implementation of the first batch of commercial quantum communication network, Complete the whole network acceptance and put into use.

We test a quantum network performance, that is, quantum communication this part. The traditional part of the network, part of the management system, from the test results, the three parts to achieve the original design requirements. & nbsp;

Quantum is the most basic and smallest indivisible unit of energy. Unknown quantum state can not be accurately cloned, as long as someone tried to copy, it will produce errors, will be found. These characteristics make quantum state communication in the transmission process has absolute security. The communication between all users of the Kyrgyz party and government authorities, which generates at least 4,000 keys per second, is used for data protection. Jinan City, the party and government organs of the quantum communications network, but also after the Jinan Quantum Communication Experimental Network, the first A real practical quantum communication network, the construction will be completed as a demonstration, to the province and the country to promote. Because quantum security communication has great application value in the fields of national defense, government affairs, finance, politics and law, electricity and so on. It is considered by many experts as “the key technology to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of information society in the future” , The Western developed countries, the defense sector and many international companies are competing to develop this technology.

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