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At present, many of the network spread of health false information, so that the public mistakenly mistakenly believe that into the health errors. Recently, the Health Commission issued the “National Health and Health Committee on the strengthening of health education information service management notice”, not only to regulate health education information services in all aspects; but also in the process of health information dissemination, indicate the source of information , The source, indicate the identity of the author or the auditor, indicate the date of publication of the information, the date of the revision and the scientific basis. Doctors’ parents also admire the net red in the social media, people will see every day a lot of health and health-related information, many of which are alarmist knowledge of the alarm, the elderly population is spread the hardest hit by pseudo-science. “I do not understand, my words my mother did not listen, but the WeChat in the so-called popular science articles particularly respected, and listen to.” Anxious to go far more than Fu Wai Hospital cardiovascular Professor Jiang, Tiantan Hospital, On the home of the elderly keen on the enzyme and do not follow the doctor medication deep headache. Regular hospital professors people do not believe, but on the WeChat, the network in particular to buy it, the reason is because most of the authoritative experts “do not want to say, dare not say, will not say”, resulting in a blank of health knowledge; and silent authoritative experts In contrast, the so-called “net red experts”, they have neither clinical experience nor medical literacy, but they are quick thinking, not only eloquent, but also good at meeting the public and the media. Give an absurd example: in an anti-cancer health online, openly hanging “treatment of cancer ancestral secret recipe – Chinese medicine remedies” message: This prescription is a prisoner in the execution of the death penalty three days before the out of the ancestral secret, because I am afraid Died after the death and open to the current number of healers. Good people think that “people will die is also good words,” if finished just like not happy? Some people believe that the eradication of diabetes is more popular people. 69-year-old Song aunt is an old “sugar friends”, relying on insulin treatment has been almost 15 years, but the blood sugar has been controlled is not ideal. Inadvertently listened to a “expert lectures”, that “experts” research and development of health care products can cure diabetes. Song aunt that this has been saved, so spend a lot of money to buy a few boxes. Sure enough, just eat two days, high blood sugar for many years down to the normal line below. Elated Song aunt to all the hypoglycemic drugs are stopped, eat only this health care products. Two months later, Song aunt fainted in the bathroom, the family quickly sent her to the hospital. The doctor said that the kind of health care products do not have any therapeutic effect on diabetes, but delayed the disease. And that “expert” also check this person. In this regard, the State Health Planning Commission Propaganda Division Mao Qunan has repeatedly said in many occasions, with the rapid development of new media, people get more and more channels of health information, in the dissemination of the correct concept of health at the same time, all kinds False health information is also mixed with the meantime, so that the public can not distinguish between authenticity. Some health information is simply a “three no product”, the source of information can not be verified, and the more chaos, some information, although the source is based, but the process of communication to focus on the neglect. Health Science and Technology has become the first content of Chinese popular science demand, accounting for up to 53% of the total demand for science and technology in China. However, both the 2016 years of Wei Ze Xi Baidu medical events, or not long ago brush burst friends circle of “the old lady to change the status of posing as a doctor, footprints throughout the major TV” case, show that the people’s growing health needs corresponding to the growth Medical science still have a long way to go. In the face of today’s society a variety of new media, online media and mainstream media, overwhelming medical science, the Chinese Medical Association Branch of the popular branch of the Chinese Medical Association Branch of the popular branch of Guo Shuibin is very sad and helpless, and now is not really a medical background People doing science, but “Xiao Bian” “net red” in doing science. “Formal health science and pseudo-health science are related to the terminology, but pseudo-health science makers because of their lack of proper expertise, they put a lot of information patchwork and then make a face change in the expression more close to the people.” Guo Shubin pointed out , Although it is very attractive to the people in the unknown, but these things are indeed harmful, and ordinary people are more willing to accept the information they can understand. Such as this enduring rumors, “myocardial attack when the need for sublingual nitroglycerin,” despite the professional staff have repeatedly rumor: sublingual nitrite and can not relieve myocardial infarction even because of medication errors are more serious Of the adverse consequences, but with little success. This rumor is simply to fight the “small strong.” Guo Shubin pointed out that the microblogging, WeChat as the representative of the new media, channels and more, fast, wide range, so that the wrong health information can be spread in a short time, highly amplified, and ultimately “deeply rooted.” In addition, the “information is not clear, poor administrative credibility, but also the growth of hypocrisy information popular.Faced with the body only a single authoritative experts and” Xiao Bian “” net red “counterfeiters to compete the situation, Guo Shubin very optimistic estimates, For a long time will be “protracted war” and “tug of war.” The reason is that the market is too big, and the lack of effective normative measures.However, Guo Shubin still said that the Chinese Medical Association Branch Branch, And the Chinese Medical Science Branch, learn to do some of the truth behind these sciences, including the truth behind health, the distinction between these false propositions to do a series of work. “Now there are not only professional organizations at all levels Professional doctor team, change the medical background to do the status quo of science; but also with the credibility of the media formed an alliance, and strive to professional knowledge of science to convey to the general public. In addition, is building a healthy science platform, for different groups of science education. “Guo Shubin stressed that the ultimate goal is to let the people find a real health platform, access to real health knowledge. Popular science incentive mechanism is not perfect country in 2016 promulgated the” Health China 2030 Plan “has been designated for the health and health direction. Disease as the center turnTo the people’s health as the center, “has become a major issue in related fields, while medical science is one of the important starting point to promote people’s health.In fact, as early as 2015, the State Health Commission has issued” health science information generation And the dissemination of guidelines (Trial). “Requirements of health science information dissemination to indicate the source of information, source, indicate the identity of the author or the auditor, indicating the date of publication of information, the revised date and scientific basis, etc. Guo Shubin frankly, the field of health communication There are still many problems, in which the professional health care workers in the dissemination of the main body of the absence of a large number of dissemination platform but the content of good and bad and the lack of health science and the lack of evaluation mechanism and other issues are more prominent, which also poses a problem for the development of public health, so how to achieve The popularization of medical science, the standardization of communication rules, the scientific evaluation of the effect evaluation is the problem that the mainstream health care workers, researchers and media people need to solve.It is not easy to do science science, which requires both scientific rigor and easy to understand. Need to do science people, can be a solid professional knowledge As a medical science “big V” said, do not do all the science should be all into the line, but as much as possible so that each layman has become a scientific literacy of the layman It should be said that medicine science and communication is the shaking of science and art on the pinnacle, requiring doctors to have both professional skills and comprehensive knowledge, but also have strong observation and language skills and communication skills and laws. “Science is the doctor’s mission. “Guo Shubin has always stressed that young experts are most suitable for the main force of medical science. This part of the doctors often have a relatively high professionalism and very strong ability to accept new things, they are not only mobile” textbook “, and it is constantly Update the “database.” But also that the current science-related incentive mechanism is not perfect. “The lack of appropriate investment in the country, can not mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff active science. “Guo Shu-bin bluntly, now we are full of enthusiasm and public interest in doing science, but the light has no enthusiasm and no benefits of public welfare activities is not far away.At the same time, Guo Shubin called on government departments in the doctor’s title assessment, young doctors health education Training and guide the media-oriented policies and so on to give more and more support from the enthusiasm to everyone is responsible, there is still a long way to go. Original title: medical science and a professional expert

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