4 km per hour Fei Fei past: academicians have been pushing fans are due to funding stagnation

Two weeks ago, China Aerospace Science and Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as “Aerospace Science and Technology”) to the public to cast a heavy news: the fifth human transport vehicle “high-speed flight” project has been carried out research and demonstration, the highest speed Up to 4000 km. The so-called “high-speed flight”, the principle is the use of vacuum pipes and superconducting magnetic levitation technology to achieve supersonic “near-ground flight.” With more than 3 times the speed of sound, let the public address him as “flying iron.” However, users brush screen, the excitement of the whole country, questioned the arrival of sound: technology is feasible? What about security? Will it be the next “bargain”? At least so far, no authoritative person has publicly claimed that there is a direct question of “feasibility”. However, as the “high-speed flying trains” in China is not the same, this question in the past two decades has not interrupted. More than one of the first batch of fans who surging news, said, “Aerospace Science and Technology if it can be made, I am also very happy.” Talk about now under the hot “hot iron”, the first fans enthusiastic. However, the enthusiasm though, the reality is very bleak. In the first time after a little spike, these people still keep in touch, but still can not in the name of the vacuum pipeline traffic to show their talents. Or limited to theory, or trapped in the laboratory, or do not want to mention. Will it be a new opportunity now? Some of them do not think they can be needed by the new wave. The concept of the introduction of Zhang Yaoping Zhang Yaoping exposure to the vacuum pipeline traffic was in 2000. Zhang Yaoping at the China Sinotrans Research Center work, research logistics. Zhang Yaoping graduated from the Northern Jiaotong University (now Beijing Jiaotong University) in October 1997. He is a professional engineer in railway engineering. “I and Daryl Oster (Derek Oster) began to communicate in 2000, was through the e-mail online communication, every few days sometimes even every day to exchange questions.” Zhang Yaoping to surging news recall nearly twenty years ago past. Donald is a mechanical engineer in the United States, Florida, which implements the vacuum piping maglev concept as a complete set of design drawings and obtained the Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) system in 1999 patent. Dai Rui – Oster is also considered to be the “evangelist” in the field of vacuum pipe maglev train. Zhang Yaoping and Dai Rui – Oster Imagine the future at the same time, also struggling to find this concept in the country settled. After contact with a number of domestic colleges and universities, the introduction of Zhang Yaoping vacuum pipeline traffic to show the greatest interest, was the Southwest Jiaotong University Institute of superconductivity technology Professor Wang Jiu. December 31, 2000, Wang Jiali team successfully developed the world’s first manned high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation test vehicle. This vehicle was known as the “century” of the experimental car can carry 5 people, permanent magnetic guide length of 15.5 meters, the maximum suspension weight of 700 kg. Zhang Yaoping mentioned, “This car came out, but also suffered some doubts, there are some technical problems need to think and solve.” Wang Jialin team was one of the perfect ideas is to prepare for the train to create a “shell” The In this case, Zhang Yaoping and Dai Rui – Oster’s appearance is just right. At the end of 2002, Dai Rui – Oster first came to China. 2003 spring school, Zhang Yaoping entered the Wang Jiayu where the Institute of Superconductivity Technology. Dai Rui – Oster also went to the southwest Jiaotong University, until April 2003 to leave. Since then, the concept of vacuum pipeline traffic was formally introduced into the Southwest Jiaotong University. However, this concept is not really promoted in the hands of Zhang Yaoping. The next few years, for various reasons, Zhang Yaoping from the original superconducting technology research institute transferred to the Institute of Transportation, access to associate professor title, but in 2008 to leave the southwest Jiaotong University, transferred to Shaanxi Xijing College. Zhang Yaoping recalled, “At that time I may be too anxious to go too fast. Turn to the Institute of Transportation immediately after the formation of the vacuum pipeline transport research institute, every day busy this thing, but also organize students to participate in the competition. Some people support, but also attracted a lot of doubt the voice. “Open the Southwest Jiaotong University Vacuum Pipeline Institute page, the content shows the time in April 2007. One of the announcements is the “Southwest Jiaotong University” released on April 4, 2007, “the first vacuum pipeline transport innovation design contest” notice “, organized undergraduate students and research institutes, was even mentioned every two years will be held once The “We were going to organize a contest that was almost the same as the current competition from Elon Musk.” By 2015, Silicon Valley “Iron Man” announced the “Super High-Speed ​​Rail” model competition. Local time on August 31, Masky in his personal Instagram account has announced a new round of competition results, the maximum speed of 355 km. From the information provided by Zhang Yaoping to surging news, its achievements in the field of vacuum pipeline transportation are basically papers and writings. In September 2004, Zhang Yaoping’s first book in this field, “New Industry Times Starts from Here: The Initial Dialogue on Vacuum Pipeline Transportation” was published by Tsinghua University Press. In addition, Zhang Yaoping to the first author published more than 40 academic papers, including SCI retrieval 2, EI retrieval 11; national authorized patent 12. In 2006, Zhang Yaoping in the three applications after finally won the National Natural Science Foundation, funding 260,000 yuan, which is Zhang Yaoping only once access to the National Natural Science Foundation. In the official website of Xijing College, Zhang Yaoping is currently the director of the Institute of Vacuum Pipeline Transportation of Xijing Institute, Professor of Economics and Management, engaged in high-speed maglev transportation research and modern logistics teaching and research work. Zhang Yaoping said, “I am now still a study of vacuum pipeline traffic it.” Right now, Zhang Yaoping also want to publish a “vacuum pipeline traffic”, but suffer from publishing funds can not raise. Zhang Yaoping helplessly said, “published a signed contract for almost a year, but because no funds to pay the cost of publishing, it did notPublished in French. Is expected to apply to the fund this year, a total of five or six funds all lost, and only later funded the re-published. Asked the reasons, Zhang Yaoping only said, “no reason, can only think that because the level is not enough “It is worth mentioning that, Zhang Yaoping take the initiative to talk about, after the industry alluding to its” keen to put these papers on paper to declare patents, set up companies, the establishment of research institutes, publishing books, rather than seriously explore why not achieve ” , There are difficulties behind, “If there is money, I do not want to do experiments? No fund, no lab, no strength in all aspects, how do i do? “Academician of the two institutions put forward the imagination of China’s vacuum pipeline traffic is an iconic event in 2004 the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering) Shen Zhiyun’s public support.Chen Zhiyun was the Southwest Jiaotong University traction power state key laboratory professor. People familiar with the surging news, Shen Zhiyun vacuum pipe thinking began during the summer vacation in 2004. “September a school, Southwest Jiaotong University to convene a part of the teacher opened a very important meeting, at this meeting, Some Thoughts on Future Transportation Development. At that time, the Shanghai maglev train has been put into use, high-speed rail in 2004 has also begun to introduce technology. What is the mode of transport to choose from? China’s traffic think tank southwest Jiaotong University will lead the front? Shen Zhiyun at the above meeting Is the vacuum pipeline traffic.In the same year on December 18, Shen Zhiyun launched a “vacuum pipeline high-speed traffic” academician seminar, there are seven academicians to attend the meeting.The results of this seminar will eventually be published in the form of papers In April 2005, “Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University”, this paper also let the academic community recognized that Shen Zhiyun put forward the idea of ​​”high-speed transportation of vacuum pipes.” Shen Zhiyun proposed in the paper, in the dense atmosphere of the high-speed transport, The economic speed does not exceed 400 kilometers per hour.However, to achieve higher speed there is an objective need, but also traffic technology workers diligently dream.To achieve higher economic speed is a possible way to use a vacuum pipe.Chen Zhiyun was on China’s vacuum pipeline high-speed The strategic positioning of traffic is 600-1000 km / h High-speed ground transportation is the extension and supplement of the current high-speed traffic on the ground, and put forward in the paper is divided into four stages, that is, from 2005 onwards, 5 years to reach a small scale model introduced, 10-year full-size model, 15 years to reach the experiment Line, 25 years to 2020 to 2030 to achieve the operating line.However, Shen Zhiyun envisaged only stop in the idea, follow-up there is no substantial push.It is worth mentioning that, Zhang Yaoping the concept of the field of vacuum pipe introduction, in the southwest During the period, he did not get the support of Shen Zhiyun.According to Zhang Yaoping news of the surging news, in December 2004 that academician before the seminar, he was the first time and Shen Zhiyun have a real “contact . “Prior to this, although Zhang Yaoping several times hope to get Shen Zhiyun recognition and support, but they are by way of telephone and other way to refuse.” At that time wanted to, if you want to really promote the vacuum pipeline traffic, Support is of course the greatest power. “There was a commercial ambition of Liu Benlin Liu Benlin and the intersection of vacuum pipeline traffic was in 2005. At that time, Liu Benlin in an invention forum to contact the concept of vacuum pipeline traffic, was mentioned,” I want to build a speed of 20,000 km The high iron, do you dare take it? Liu Benlin was the first batch of candidates to resume college entrance examination in 1977. He graduated from the Department of Physics of China University of Science and Technology in 1981. The outside world had previously said that Liu Benlin was a “folk scientific research enthusiast” , But it is clear that Liu Benlin college students do not recognize, that in any case is “after graduation.” After graduating from the University of Liu Benlin went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Solid State Physics. “After 3 years of work, feel very suited to come out , Went to the then Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Electronic Industry Bureau. “Liu Benlin so far,” the best scientists do not necessarily in scientific research institutions. “” I was a check, found that this thing is already very early to say, but has only heard the stairs can not see people down. I have to analyze this inside what is the problem? “This book is also considered the first system in the world to discuss the vacuum pipe maglev technology monograph. The book published in 2009, another Zhao Yong is the chief professor of the Southwest Jiaotong University, the Yangtze River scholar professor, superconductivity and new energy research and development center director, and Liu Benlin for the China University of Science and Technology students. Zhao Yong team is also China’s vacuum tube maglev train is an important force In addition to the above work, the Chinese vacuum pipeline transportation area belongs to the mark of Liu Benlin there is an invention patent.In 2011, Liu Benlin for the first inventor of the “vacuum pipe for long-distance passenger transport method” was authorized, the patent Inventor column a total of seven people, including Zhao Yong, Liu Benlin’s daughter Liu Xiqing. Patent inventor also called Ge Tongxun, Liu Benlin specifically mentioned, “it is he proposed in the invention forum speed of 20,000 kilometers of high-speed rail, he actually Is our first guide. “Liu Benlin in the surging news interview repeatedly mentioned that China’s current basic research on the vacuum pipeline traffic than the foreign solid,” but we have no fame. “In addition, Liu Binlin that, as a researcher, vacuum pipe defects can not Ignore, “people who do vacuum pipes seem to have avoided this shortcoming, this is wrong. “Liu” refers to the “speed system” is simply summarized as “54321 system.” “4” refers to the “four major shortcomings”, including expensive borders, people can not live in a vacuum, into and out of the vacuum environment is huge, convection cooling Lack of function. “On the basis of these four points to avoid weaknesses in order to create a priceThan the vacuum pipeline traffic new situation. “Liu Benlin also believes that in his system, there are” two major breakthrough “, that is designed to carry – sealed separation of the vacuum boundary and speed passenger exchange system.It is worth mentioning that, whether it is Liu Binlin or the aforementioned Zhang Yaoping that the “most accurate is called vacuum pipe traffic (VTT).” Liu Benlin also stressed that “the” high-speed rail, “and so on, The vacuum pipeline traffic is said to be super high-speed rail, too simple, it is greater than the difference between the highway and the railway, which is a new way of transport, not a simple high-speed rail upgrade. “Liu Benlin mentioned,” This is characterized by speed, we were set to called ‘speed car system’, of course, we are not necessarily reasonable. “Similar to Zhang Yaoping, Liu Benlin is also limited to the theory of combing and put forward.” This project I also applied several times the National Natural Science Foundation, but did not get. “It is worth mentioning that, as early as 1987 in 1987, with other projects won the National Natural Science Foundation, funding a total of 25,000 yuan.Liu Benlin said,” at that time, the money is also considered a moderate level, and that When the wages were less than 100 months a month, then the report is handwritten. “We did not even have to contact the Dalian Wanda Group to discuss the commercialization of the business.” “According to Liu Benlin revealed that its first contact with Wanda is around 2011,” there is a team received us, we introduced the project, but the other later did not have the following. “In 2016, Liu Benlin once again tried to contact Wanda,” Unfortunately, their trend is to take the ‘light assets’ line, still no below. “At present, 61-year-old Liu Benlin is Changzhou City Fu Chi Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as” Fu Chi Electric Technology “) legal person and executive director and general manager. Business information display, Fu Chi electric technology registration time for 2010 4 Month, the registered capital of 1 million yuan, one of the shareholders also include Zhang Yaoping. Surprise news found that Fu Chi electric technology patent information column, a total of 35 patents, including a “enhanced mouse function with a composite button keyboard,” ” A road vehicle with a collector, power storage and fuel complex power system “,” a bent wall and fence “,” a route on the surface of the equipment can be clutch off and landing aircraft “, etc. surging news To a former colleague Liu Benlin, the colleague commented, “Liu Bensin very broad interest, before the vacuum pipeline traffic for some time, and later studied a lot of other things. “In addition, Fu Chi electric technology has also invested in another company, that is, Changzhou City, Tiao daily necessities Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as” fitness “), legal person for Liu Benlin daughter Liu Xiqing.Liu Benlin finally mentioned,” now the environment , Research and development of some small projects may be more realistic, large projects with our strength simply do not push up. “Liu Benlin also revealed that the team’s latest research and development of a new building soap” will be on September 16 in Changzhou, a supermarket shelves. “Trapped in the laboratory of the Southwest Jiaotong University since the introduction of the concept of vacuum pipeline traffic, the Southwest Jiaotong University is the only Model of the platform of the regular scientific research units. At present, the Southwest University vacuum pipeline maglev train project leader is mentioned above Zhao Yong. Zhao Yong had to accept the surging news interview with the aerospace Science and Technology recently announced the speed of 4,000 km “high-speed flight “Comments,” the technology needs to arouse the concern of the community. At this point the announcement is not that the technology has matured, but the need for industrial sector intervention, the state government should have investment, the first technology developed first. “Zhao Yong is China’s first high-temperature superconducting field Dr., Italy, Australia and Japan 13 years later, he returned to the Southwest Jiaotong University, is the first batch of foreign outstanding young fund winner. Zhao Yong said that” Southwest Jiaotong University is the most suitable place to engage in superconducting maglev research. “Zhao Yong said,” Aerospace Science and Technology of the current program, the basic idea is in accordance with our book (editor: “Introduction to the speed system”), specifically on the maglev The aspect of the design is for us to help finish. “However, with years of experimental experience of Zhao Yong on the speed of 4000 km with a relatively cautious attitude,” I have been emphasizing the speed of 1000 km this first step of the key and important, when you have not achieved when the 1000 km speed, Talk about 4000 km speed meaning is not big. “Zhao Yong believes that to achieve” high-speed flight “no shortcut, we must go from the laboratory to the pilot, and then into the project stage.” We are now even the laboratory data out, far from this vision. “In 2011, Zhao Yong team developed the world’s first vacuum pipe high-temperature superconducting maglev train test system, the system track diameter of 3 meters, the minimum pressure of 2000 Pa pipe, magnetic car with linear motor drive. At present, this first generation of experimental model has Was removed in January 2016, Zhao Yong team to complete the second generation of vacuum pipe high temperature superconducting maglev train system construction, the system for the first time using the “wall” type of operation, that is, the diameter of 6.5m ring track laying in the ring metal wall, 2016 years, the system completed the first phase of the commissioning, the speed reached 108 km; October 2016, the system completed the second phase of debugging, speed of 150 km. Zhao Yong told surging news, “At present, we Laboratory in the high-temperature superconducting maglev can do 160 km per hour, which should be the highest laboratory speed. “The difficulty of the laboratory system is that” the site is limited, can only be made of circular, circular radius of a small radius of centrifugal force is very difficult to do it. “This means that Zhao Yong team if you want to go further, you must move the experiment outdoors.” Outdoor experiment first need the venue, at least 1 km or 2 km of the pipeline to do pre-test,, The Japanese 600 km speed of the maglev line has more than 30 kilometers of the line, according to this ratio, then 50 to 100 km of the pilot line is needed. “And outdoor to build a vacuum pipe magnetic levitation model is not a high cost of the laboratory Can be affordable. “Investment is certainly a hundred million units, you can analogy, the subway cost is 600 million yuan per kilometer -10 billion, with reference to this figure is not our laboratory can do. “Zhao Yong said.It is worth mentioning that the Southwest Jiaotong University vacuum tube magnetic levitation field more than Zhao Yong team, the aforementioned mentioned Wang is still a related experiment. Southwest Jiaotong University in the field of superconducting there are two brands, one is Zhao Yong’s superconductivity and new energy research and development center, the other is the retired Wang family where the Institute of Superconductivity Technology. Superconductivity Technology Institute was the predecessor of 1988 Wang and Wang Suyu in Chengdu, southwest of the establishment of the first A research laboratory “low temperature and superconductivity technology laboratory”, established in 1997, “Southwest Jiaotong University Superconductivity Technology Institute”, now affiliated to the State Key Laboratory of traction power. Superconductivity Technology Institute is one of the backbone of the current Deng Zigang, now the Southwest Jiaotong University traction power of the State Key Laboratory of the new rail transit technology research institute deputy director, “high temperature superconducting magnetic levitation technology” school level and Sichuan province university research and innovation team leader. Official website shows, April 2012 to 2013 In February, in the traction power of national laboratories independent project and school-level innovation team funded Deng Zigang presided over the successful development of China’s first manned high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation ring test line, a total length of 45 meters, the curve radius of 6 meters, the suspension height of 10-20mm, the maximum load of 1 ton, the maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour to achieve the current international equivalent Load capacity, the smallest cross-section, the minimum amount of permanent magnet superconducting suspension system, and for practical applications with bogies, brakes, wireless communications, real-time monitoring of vehicles and other functions of high-temperature superconducting magnetic vehicle system.In addition, according to surging news In the field of colleges and universities, Qingdao University of Science and Technology School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Professor Li Qingliang team in recent years also carried out in the vacuum pipeline research.Li Qingtian current vice president of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, has been engaged in the process of equipment, heat transfer and energy saving technology, high pressure and high pressure Technology and equipment, new energy development and utilization technology and environmental process technology and other aspects of research.

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