30 minutes from Beijing to Shanghai China ‘s “super high – speed rail” when the dream come true

China Aerospace Science and Industry Group recently announced that the “high-speed flight” conducted a research and demonstration, hoping to try to develop more than 1000 km / hour “super high-speed rail.” However, the real realization of supersonic “near-ground flight” there are many key technologies have not yet overcome – China’s “super high-speed rail” when the dream come true China’s first independent research and development of the magnetic levitation line – Changsha, Hunan low-speed magnetic levitation The Xinhua News Agency to take the maglev train passengers, in almost vacuum pipes, to more than 1000 km / h speed forward, the original hours of the trip all measured in minutes – take the “super high iron” from Beijing to Wuhan Will be reduced from more than 5 hours to about 30 minutes, Beijing to Shanghai, Xi’an is also true. This looks like a plot in a science fiction, but the pursuit of speed has never stopped. Recently, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group in the third China (International) Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum has announced the “high-speed flight” conducted a research and demonstration, hoping to try to develop 1000 km / hour or more “super high-speed rail.” However, the real realization of supersonic “near ground flight” there are many key technologies have not yet overcome. When will people take the “super high-speed rail”? Technology concept convergence The concept of “super high-speed rail” by the United States space exploration technology company (SpaceX) CEO Elon Maaske proposed in 2013, theoretically, it can be up to 1207 km / h speed delivery of passengers or goods. This concept has been only four years since its inception, and HyperloopOne in the United States has announced that it has conducted a full test of its “super high-speed rail” technology in a vacuum environment in May 2017 for the first time, “Super Rail” Achieved a speed of 111 km / h. In July, the company also claimed that in the latest test, reached 310 km / h speed. Although the co-founder of the company Shi Owen Pisi Fu that the importance of this test worthy of the first match with the Wright brothers. But the gap between the speed and the idea is clearly somewhat large, not faster than the existing means of transport – China’s “revival” high-speed rail standard speed of 350 km / h, Shanghai maglev train operating speed up to 430 km / h. “Super high-speed rail” how to make a breakthrough in speed? China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, three “high-speed flight train” project technical director Mao Kai said that the core is to reduce the air resistance and track friction. “Its basic philosophy is to build a vacuum pipe to reduce the air resistance of the train, while the use of magnetic levitation technology to reduce the friction of the track, to achieve a breakthrough in speed.” Mao Kai said that this is the current “super high-speed rail” Get more recognition of the technical concept. (HTT) and Super High-Speed ​​Rail 1, both of which are declared to be more than 1,000 km / h of transportation systems in the world, are envisioned to reduce the use of low vacuum environments and supersonic profiles. Air resistance, through the magnetic levitation to reduce frictional resistance, in order to achieve the ultrasonic operation of the transport system. Data: “high-speed flight train” simulation map. Technical problems to be cracked The China Aerospace Science and Industry Group research and demonstration of “high-speed flight” is not China’s only “super high-speed rail” program. In 2016, China’s largest rail train manufacturer China Vehicle Co., Ltd. also launched a speed of 600 km / h magnetic levitation train development, and Southwest Jiaotong University Superconductivity and New Energy Research and Development Center in 2011 before Began to involve the development of vacuum pipeline maglev train. In the development center professor Zhao Yong view, “super high-speed rail” system needs vacuum pipe technology and magnetic levitation technology, there are already some more mature research, but there are many difficulties to overcome. One of the technical difficulties are mainly concentrated in three aspects. The first is the low-cost construction of the vacuum pipe, that is, how to achieve low cost, to maintain a large volume of low vacuum space. The future of the “super high-speed rail” to achieve manned, how to build the platform, both to facilitate the passengers on and off, but also to maintain the vacuum of the pipeline, is an unfinished problem. The other two difficulties are from the power system and magnetic levitation technology. “Super high-speed rail ‘need to use linear traction technology, but the current technology is not yet able to meet its power needs, to be improved.Second, the current magnetic levitation technology for’ super high iron ‘is not stable.” Zhao Yong said. Mao Kay believes that, in accordance with the basic principles, only need to push, resistance between the formation of a positive force, you can let the train continued to accelerate, so do not need absolute vacuum, otherwise it will make the project difficult and cost greatly increased. He introduced the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group has set up a special team to carry out “high-speed flight train” development, the team is conducting superconducting magnetic levitation technology and many other key technology research, but still can not fully meet the project needs, need to further enhance Its ability. “In the vacuum technology, China has been through the manned space project has accumulated, but so long vacuum pipe has not been done in the manufacturing process, there are technical challenges.” He said that because of the high technical difficulty, high-speed Flying train project research and development will be open, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group has more than 20 domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, set up the first international high-speed flying train industry alliance. It is still not known when China is still in the stage of research and demonstration of China’s “high-speed flight” project will be in accordance with the three-step strategy to gradually achieve. “The first step through the 1000 km / h transport capacity to build regional intercity flight train traffic network, the second step through the 2000 km / h transport capacity to build national super city group flight train traffic network, the third step to build ‘one way’ flight Train traffic network. “Mao Kai said. But when China’s “super high-speed rail” to land, there is no accurate answer. Mao Kay said: “‘high-speed flight train’ is a huge, complex system, out of scientific prudenceAttitude, at the present stage, it is difficult to provide an accurate timetable. “Zhao Yong is more optimistic.He believes that some of the existing underlying technology has been more mature, if not cost, government, business, scientific research institutions can work closely, 1000 km / hour train, the landing can be years for the cycle In the view, “super high-speed rail” when it can not only depends on the technical level, but also depends on whether there is market demand.University of the United States super high-speed rail transportation technology company in China is the construction of “super high-speed rail” , Its co-founder Peter Bob Greta hopes to establish a research and design center in China: “Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu are likely to be candidate cities. “Although the” super high-speed rail “when the reality is still unknown, but people are still very concerned about when the fare will be very expensive.To this, Mao Kai said that this depends on everyone’s needs,” from Beijing to Wuhan with 10 hours and 1 hour fare will certainly be different. “He said:” If it is 1 hour to, even if the fare of 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, the people who need to feel cost-effective. ” “Peter Bob Greta’s answer to this question is more interesting:” it may sometimes be free, sometimes expensive. According to him, the future from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the fare is about $ 20 to $ 30, and if the establishment of a new business model, for example, in the trip to establish a large data analysis based on the advertising model, you can help ” Super high-speed rail “company to make money, thus replacing the charges to the passengers. (Reporter Zhan Yuan)

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